March/April 2021

  • Managing Tilapia Lake Virus
  • Red Preferred by China’s Shrimp Consumers
  • Solutions for AHPND and EHP
  • Ectoparasites in Marine Fish
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News Updates

SVR Hatcheries in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh is the first shrimp hatchery with SHAPHARI certification

The Marine Products Export Development Authority has certified SVR Hatcheries, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, as […]

GenoMar Genetics expands into Asia with subsidiary in Vietnam

GenoMar Genetics has announced the opening of a 100% owned subsidiary in Vietnam. The company will […]

Industry Review

Feed for marine fish, Indonesia

Aquafeeds in 2019: Pulled by market demand

Increased feed volumes across species and countries in combination with more investments in supporting farmers By […]

An initial assessment on farmed shrimp supply 2020

Up to mid-August, the supply situation indicates a downward trend, as producers are pinned by lower […]

Shrimp Culture

Shrimp farming made easy

Innovations and Startups: In Indonesia, Sgara brings modernisation and computerisation to shrimp farming.  Indonesia has an […]

An industrialised vannamei shrimp farming model in China

In Rizhao, Shandong province, China light shaded algae ponds model is creating an impact

Feed Technology

Stabilising water quality with pelleted feeds

In Andhra Pradesh, progress has been made with the partial replacement of DORB with pelleted feeds […]

Insect protein takes flight in Asia

With little volatility in price and proven to substitute well for fish meal in marine fishand […]

Responsible & Sustainable Aquaculture

Responsible and sustainable aquaculture

With input from the seafood supply chain, the authors discuss aspects of aquaculture where industry and […]

Gen 2 takes over Vietnam’s Quoc Viet with sustainability in mind

At the sidelines of Vietfish 2019, President Ngo Quoc Tuan elaborated on challenges ahead to bring […]

Production Technology

Studying and managing shrimp gut and water microbiota: How OMICS research can help answer shrimp farmers practical questions

The main microbial components of shrimp farming systems are the water, the soil and the shrimp […]

Effects of fish meal replacement in the culture of Florida pompano

Growth and physiological conditions of fish fed diets with fish meal replaced with ESBM appeared acceptable […]

Disease Management

Update on EHP at the NACA consultation on strategies for hepatopancreatic microsporidosis

Hepatopancreatic microsporidiosis caused by the microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) does not have any specific distinctive gross […]

Is EHP now the key health concern for Asian shrimp producers?

While key to its management are strict biosecurity and disease surveillance practices, infection rates in tested […]