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SPF Shrimp Feeds specializes in live, fresh, and natural specific pathogen-free feeds for shrimp hatcheries. It was co-founded by Stephen Christensen and Florian Renault.

For the last 18 months, SPF Shrimp Feeds has worked closely with Topsy Bait (The Netherlands) to perfect the packaging, transportation, and in-country storage system that allows for live polychaetes to be shipped anywhere in the world and kept alive in-country for daily delivery to shrimp hatcheries.

Prior to coming to market, the two companies worked closely on a three-month trial that fed Topsy Bait’s live SPF polychaetes to shrimp broodstock, benchmarked against local, wild caught polychaetes common to Asia, as well as frozen polychaetes.  Additional laboratory testing revealed cold-water origin polychaetes to have a far superior nutritional profile than tropical worms.

The Nereis virens polychaetes has the following profile: Protein: 13.49 g/100g; hydrolyzed fat: 2.06 g/100g; moisture: 81.40 g/100g; DHA: 23 mg/100g; EPA: 135.1 mg/100g; total fatty acids: 1547.1 mg/100g.

The biosecurity benefits cannot be understated: 100% farmed in a completely bio-secure environment done according to GMP+ and HACCP standards with certifications.  The OIE (World Organization For Animal Health) recognizes The Netherlands as an aquaculture disease-free country, and further government testing prior to export guarantees the polychaetes to be free of EHP, DIV1 and AHPND.

Live SPF polychaetes as a shrimp broodstock feed will increase the nauplii number per female; increase the mating rate; increase the maturation rate; offer better recovery after each spawning; increase the quality of the sperms; increase the quality of the eggs (higher hatching rate); and offer full traceability from the worms to the final shrimp post larvae.  These conclusions are substantiated by data collected over 18 months of sales and customer trials.

India’s Coastal Aquaculture Authority has approved the first ever import license for live polychaetes, a monumental moment for India’s shrimp aquaculture industry. 

SPF Shrimp Feeds is the exclusive distributor of Topsy Bait’s Live SPF Polychaetes in Vietnam and India.  Topsy Bait also sells SPF polychaetes under the Delta Farms brand, making it the world’s biggest and only commercial scale SPF polychaete (Nereis virens) farm. 

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