Seafood Expo Eurasia announces new dates in May 2024

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In response to the ongoing Middle East conflict, the organizers of Seafood Expo Eurasia have made the challenging decision to postpone the event until May 2024. Representatives of organizers – Seafood Expo Development noted, that the safety and well-being of visitors and exhibitors have always been the top priority, and this decision has been made with their best interests in mind.

Seafood Expo Eurasia, originally scheduled for December 7-9, 2023, will now be rescheduled to May 15-17, 2024. The event will take place in Istanbul, Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, Pavilion 3. The participation terms announced in 2023 remain unchanged in 2024. Visitor registration remains open, and all tickets are valid for the new dates.

The organizers confirm their responsibility to protect and support the safety and security of everyone participating in the event and note that the decision to postpone the fair follows thorough consideration and consultation with relevant authorities.

‘We are fully committed to hosting a successful event that provides a platform to promote business opportunities, knowledge sharing and industry growth. The new dates will allow us to achieve these goals under safer and more stable conditions. Understanding the investments and planning that go into participating in Seafood Expo Eurasia, our team will work closely with all registered exhibitors and visitors to accommodate their needs. We hope for continued support and understanding of our partners,’ said Anna Shelkova, Show Director of Seafood Expo Eurasia.

For the latest updates and information regarding the rescheduled event, please visit the official website.

The visitors’ online registration for Seafood Expo Eurasia has been opened. Organizers and participants are actively preparing for the upcoming event that promises to be a game-changer in the global fishery industry.

Seafood Expo Eurasia is not just another exhibition, but a groundbreaking platform that fosters communication between professionals involved in the fishery sector and its closely related industries. The primary objective is to share a fresh look on the world fishery business by bringing together players from all spheres related to fishery industry under one roof. It is designed to provide a unique opportunity to connect with both small companies and key players.

One more thing that sets Seafood Expo Eurasia apart from other fishery industry events is commitment to the “business beyond politics” principle. This unique approach transcends geographical and all other non-economic boundaries, creating a point of attraction where professionals from Europe and Asia, Africa, and Latin America can collaborate, share knowledge, and explore opportunities in an open and inclusive environment.

Visiting Seafood Expo Eurasia is free. This is an important principle in making the event a truly inclusive meeting place for the global fishery industry

“We are excited to witness the enthusiasm and interest from participants worldwide for inaugural Seafood Expo Eurasia, so we have decided to make the event free to attend. This will help the industry get to know us better and confirm the principle of business without borders and limitations. We especially value our first-year exhibitors and visitors as they form the core of a community moving towards shared values of a more sustainable and at the same time dynamic development of the fishery industry,” said Show Director Anna Shelkova.

Online registration and badge are available here


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