Join the 2024 Taiwan smart agriculture week & Int’l Aquaculture Expo – Dive into the S.M.A.R.T. New Realm!

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Amidst the global wave of digital transformation in agriculture and fisheries, the 2024 Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week and Int’l Aquaculture & Fisheries Expo provide a prime opportunity for manufacturers to engage in international trade. This event serves as a premier platform to showcase innovative products and foster business connections, guided by our unique S.M.A.R.T. (Sustainability, Market, Advance, Resilience, and Technology) strategy.

Sustainability: Join us in showcasing groundbreaking solutions that pave the way for industry-wide sustainable development. Your participation is a catalyst for inspiring the entire supply chain to explore avenues for environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This positions your brand and products as trailblazers in driving a global transformation towards sustainability in the agri-fisheries sector.

Market: Seize the opportunity to showcase your advanced solutions directly to global buyers on this platform. Our strategic marketing and business matchmaking services are designed to elevate your brand visibility and open doors to new international markets for your products and services. Beyond a conventional exhibition, this platform represents a convergence of industry-leading, forward-looking technologies. We invite you to present innovative technologies that set trends and foster in-depth engagement with peers from around the world.

Resilience: Your participation will showcase your enterprise’s capacity to address global challenges like climate change. Showcasing the development of robust and adaptive production systems will position your enterprise as a beacon of leadership in the industry.

Technology: We eagerly anticipate your showcase of the latest technological applications, spanning from intelligent machinery to big data analytics. Your cutting-edge technology is poised to inspire the audience and propel the entire agri-fisheries sector into a new digital era. Your participation is not just a contribution; it adds splendor to the exhibition, your innovations are instrumental in leading industry development, and your stories serve as inspiration to all attendees. The 2024 Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week and Int’l Aquaculture & Fisheries Expo are excited to collaboratively shape the S.M.A.R.T. future of agri-fisheries with you.

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