AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific (AAP) is a trade publication focusing exclusively on the fast developing aquaculture industry of the Asian Pacific region. It covers current issues, trends and the latest technology and developments along the aquaculture supply chain. Topics are selected from all facets of the industry. Since its first print in 2004, AAP has developed as the premier regional magazine for the aquaculture industry.

AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific is published 6 times/year in print and in digital formats by Aqua Research Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Industry in 2020

  • The USD 48 billion aquaculture business in Asia Pacific continues to expand. Asia’s lead is in aquaculture of the marine shrimp, tilapia, pangasius and various marine fish species.
  • The future is with cost-efficient and sustainable aquaculture practices in the production of healthy and quality products.
  • All producers in Asia Pacific have the same challenges: disease, declining prices, tariff and non-tariff trade barriers and food safety regulations.
  • Industry has to raise standards to match the needs of the global market and move towards a more mature level.

Mission Statement

  • We strive to be the beacon for the regional aquaculture industry.
  • We will be window to the world for Asia-Pacific aquaculture producers and a door into the region for international suppliers.
  • We strive to be the forum for the development of self-regulation in the industry.

Editor Zuridah Merican PhD

Zuridah is the editor and protagonist of AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific magazine. She has more than 40 years experience in aquaculture. Zuridah is also a consultant in aquaculture and aquafeed, and has completed some projects for international companies and FAO. Zuridah has an MSc in Aquaculture from the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University, Scotland (1983), and a PhD in Shrimp Nutrition from the National University of Singapore. She has written several research and technical papers on the industry.

“It is with the support and demand from industry for a vehicle to facilitate information exchange that we started¬†AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific¬†in 2004. With this magazine, we will strive to be a catalyst to share information for all stakeholders. This is brought to you in an impartial and professional manner. Our aim is to keep you abreast of the latest developments to help you develop your markets and business.

Editorial Coordination – Irene Gomez

Irene is the Director at Corporate Media Services (CorpMedia), an award-winning communications agency established in 1992. CorpMedia has over 28 years of experience in marketing, public relations, publishing and event management. The agency works with a diverse group of clients from corporate, government and non-government organizations, investment, hospitality, food, health, and science sectors. CorpMedia strives to bring global perspectives to an ever-changing world of communication dynamics. (