Jan/Feb 2005

  • Focus: Self regulation in the white shrimp hatchery business of Thailand
  • Production: Tilapia in China : domestic markets to sustain growth
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  • Developments : White hope in South Thailand

Issue (Jan/Feb 2005)
From the Editor : The paradox in feeding the white shrimp
Focus: Aquafeeds in Asia

  • Nurturing industry :
    Aquafeed production is on its upward trend in most countries in Asia . To gain a competitive edge, shrimp feed producers are moving upstream in the supply of quality postlarve. A higher consumption of farmed freshwater fish is creating demand for fish feeds.
  • Beyond selling feeds :
    A different approach from the early 1990s. Overseas Feed Co in the Philippines demonstrates the changing role of a feed producer.

Production: Tilapia in China : domestic markets to sustain growth

  • An expected increase in the consumption of tilapia, large domestic markets and technology improvements indicates a huge potential for further expansion of tilapia culture in the country. By Lai Qiuming and Yang Yi

Main news

  • Post tsunami- Damages assessed and the EU has reduced tariffs for Thailand.
  • Indonesia removes ban on shrimp imports- A revocation of the ban imposed in December.
  • Philippine hatchery producers losing millions by Philip Cruz.

Show Preview

  • World Aquaculture 2005 Trade show to be held in Bali from 9- 13 May 2005.

Developments : White hope in South Thailand

  • Farmers are smiling with lower costs and higher margins when culturing the white shrimp. By Ng Chee Kiat

Larval Feeding :

  • Microdiets - a decisive replacement in the weaning of larval fish. by Trine Karlsrud

Interview :

  • Alltech's President shares his views on the Asian aquaculture industry.