Jan/Feb 2006

  • Issue Focus: Disease Management
  • Industry Review
  • Pond Management
  • Hatchery
  • Feed Technology

Volume 2 Number 1 January/February 2006 MICA(P ) 094/10/2005
Issue Focus: Disease Management

  • Important parasitic diseases in cultured marine fish in the Asia-Pacific region
    A two-part article on parasitic infections and associated diseases common in mariculture systems in Asia . Part one introduces the types of infections. By Leong Tak Seng, Zilong Tan and William J. Enright
  • How to overcome disease problems in shrimp culture
    Based on his presentation at the recent NACA-ALLTECH shrimp school, Prof Chalor Limsuwan discusses how to handle the major diseases in shrimp ponds
  • Reviewing shrimp diseases in Asia
    The major shrimp diseases in order of economic impact are WSSV, YHV, HPV and MBV and recently, TSV and IHHNV have been added to this list. To help producers monitor these diseases, Tim W Flegel provides information on each disease and the current detection tools available for simple diagnoses

Industry Review

  • Marine shrimp farming in Asia today
    In 2004, 81% of the global production of farmed marine shrimp came from Asia . What has been happening in the industry in the last three years? By Zuridah Merican and Iffa Suraiya
  • Interview : How to gain an edge
    Iffa Suraiya talks to Freddy Numberi, Minister of Fisheries & Marine Affairs, Indonesia about turning marine shrimp production into a prime export commodity

Pond Management

  • Using pond liners for intensive shrimp culture in Southern China
    Ng Chee Kiat explains the use of plastic liners in shrimp farming in China as a disease management tool


  • Better market for white shrimp PL in 2006
    Sarin Hatchery's Attapol Suriyawonghae is looking forward to better times as the grow out industry in Thailand picks up again after a slow demand in mid 2005. Reports Zuridah Merican
  • Multispecies research in Phuket
    PCFRD is working on the production of annelid worms as feed for shrimp broodstock
  • Probiotics and premixes in aquaculture
    A solution for antibiotic free feeding in shrimp hatcheries in South East Asia . By Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt

Feed Technology

  • Managing gut flora naturally with prebiotics in aquaculture Nicolas Robert and Florence Rudeaux discuss work which draws on the prebiotics concept to improve growth in trout and marine shrimp
  • Full and partial replacement of fishmeal with DDGS in red tilapia diets Preliminary work shows that DDGs can be a suitable ingredient in feeds for freshwater fish. By Hanan MohdYusof, H-P Chuah and S. Pathmasothy


  • The next step for Thai and Indian shrimp
    Responses from industry after the US ITC maintains the respective antidumping duties on frozen shrimp from India and Thailand
  • The challenge for tilapia in Vietnam
    How to bring tilapia culture forward as the next major export commodity

Show Reports

  • At China Aquaculture 2005
    Some of South China's top integrators at the China Fisheries and Seafood and China Aquaculture exhibition held in Guangzhou from November 10-12
  • Show preview VICTAM ASIA 2006
    More updates on exhibitors at this show to be held from 8-10 March in Bangkok

Company news

  • Indonesian producers tap Chinese live fish market
    A group of producers from Bali and Sumatra combines forces to market live marine fish in China