Jan/Feb 2007

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Volume 3, Number 1 January/February 2007 MICA (P) 099/10/2006
Focus on Disease Management

  • Progress with managing shrimp diseases
    A discussion on how strategies in shrimp health and disease management may have improved survival rates for a more sustainable production
  • Infectious Myonecrosis - IMNV
    A report on the Indonesian experience with this new disease by Iffa Suraiya
  • Import risk analysis for freshwater crayfish in Thailand
    Risk assessment using risk evaluation matrix by Noppadon Sukrakanchana, Suppada Kiriratnikom Suppada and Kidchakan Supamattaya
  • The antiviral effect of algal fucoidans
    In Mexico, Elizabeth Cruz-Suí¡rez and colleagues show that fucoidan, extracted from the brown algae Cladosiphon okamuranus was effective against WSSV in Litopenaeus vannamei

Industry Review

  • Marine shrimp in Asia
    Production in 2006 rose to 1.5 million tonnes. A look at production trends, issues and impact of the tsunami and US antidumping. By Zuridah Merican and Iffa Suraiya

Feed Technology

  • Micro-aquatic feeds
    Three viable extrusion processes by Mian N Riaz and Galen J. Rokey
  • Alltech Bioscience Centre in Bangkok
    An interview with Dr Keith Filer and Dan Fegan on the role of the centre and how Asian aquaculture can benefit from its research


  • Performance of selected Bacillus probiotics in Japanese flounder culture in China
    Improvements in growth performance at larval and grow out stages are discussed. By O. Decamp, X. Yu, N. Xin and D. J.W. Moriarty


  • A breakthrough in the spawning of domesticated silver pomfret
    Researchers in Kuwait continue to refine breeding towards successful commercial application of the technology for this highly priced marine fish species. By Charles M. James and Sulaiman Almatar
  • Aqua Bounty Technologies comes to Asia
    The advances are in the enhancement of aquatic animal health and productivity through biotechnology. By Henry C. Clifford
  • Some trends in aquaculture
    Kidchakan Supamattaya looks at aquaculture in Asia and the challenges ahead


  • Ruptured hepatopancreas in HOSO shrimp
    A discussion on the causes and solutions by Hervé Lucien-Brun

Show preview

  • VIV Asia
    Aquaculture is the theme at this trade event to be held from March 7-9
  • Show review
    China Seafood & Fisheries and China Aquaculture 2006
    This show in Qingdao was the largest in Asia with the participation of 1,200 companies from 60 countries


  • Pacific white shrimp
    Signing of administrative order is the final step to allow its culture in the Philippines
  • FAO harmonises standards for shrimp culture
    Towards a common vision on defining responsible farming that will help small farmers
  • Ending a good year in Singapore
    Uni-President Vietnam awards dealers and discussed industry trends


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