Jan/Feb 2009

  • Shrimp Culture
  • Focus on Aquafeeds in Asia
  • Feed Technology
  • Marine Fish
  • Industry Review

Volume 5, Number 1 January/February 2009 MICA (P) 074/10/2008

"AAP celebrates its 5th year in publication with a fresh new cover for 2009! And that's not all - readers can look forward to technological advances, breaking news and trends impacting the industry.We wish one and all the very best for 2009!"

Shrimp Culture

  • Keeping to the circle of control
    In Thailand, Chaiwat Tientongkam looks at what the market demands. By Zuridah Merican
  • Focus on Aquafeeds in Asia
    Industry squeezed and high feed costs to remain
    Producers reach to out to famers for understanding of costs.
  • Insight into the aqua feed business in China
    Low margins, lack of know-how and feed safety issues. By Ming Hsun Wu

Feed Technology

  • 14th DSM Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific
    A look at the global commodity market, fish meal/oil situation to improving cost effectiveness of feeds.
  • Key drivers for the fishmeal and fish oil markets in 2008 by Jean Francois Mittaine
  • A feed is only as good as its ingredients by Brett Glencross

Marine Fish

  • Health and nutrition development in rearing marine fish larvae
    Enhancing growth with rotifers and artemia by John S Clark and Arjen Roem

Industry Review

  • Marine shrimp in Asia
    Production trends and future opportunities.


  • Fighting the muddy off-flavour in the tilapia
    In the Philippines, probiotics works to mitigate this. By Denny Chavez, Teofilo Rivera, Jaime Quinto, David Moriarty and Olivier Decamp
  • The pangasius market in Spain
    Evolution of the market and common marketing practices. By José Ferní¡ndez Polanco and Ladislao Luna

Show preview

  • Profile of companies and events at VIV Asia 2009, 11-13 March 2009, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Seeding the abalone in the Visayas
    Rey A. Acap is starting this emerging industry in the Philippines
  • From the pharaohs to the future
    Eric Roderick reports on activities at ISTA8 held in Cairo in October 2008

Show Report

  • Aquafair Malaysia 2008
    More players in an attractive aquarium fish market

Company/Product News

  • Novus opens new R&D centre in Vietnam
  • Bentoli Asia, Alltech, Akva Group
  • Forthcoming events