Jan / Feb 2010

  • Industry Review-Marine Shrimp in Asia
  • Focus on Aquafeeds in Asia
  • Feed Technology
  • Disease Management
  • Culture Technology

Volume 6, Number 1 January/February 2010 MICA (P) 028/10/2009 ISBN 1793-0561

  • From the editor
    In 2010 - The Wish List
  • News in brief

Industry Review-Marine Shrimp in Asia

  • Thailand’s route during the downturn
    Dr Panisuan Jamnarnwej on the country’s successful exports to the US and EU
  • Marine shrimp in Asia in 2009:
    Production trends
  • Retailing large black tigers
    Higher prices with direct sales to the food service sector in Langkawi, Malaysia. By Zuridah Merican

Focus on Aquafeeds in Asia

  • Managing costs and improving feed performance
    Industry insight into replacements

Feed Technology

  • Economic indicators and nutritional approaches
    Presentations at the 15th Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific, November 2009
  • Sustainability of fish meal/fish oil: Fish-In Fish-Out ratios
    The IFFO method should be used to calculate FIFO ratios to give a true global measure, said Andrew Jackson
  • Fresh fish for high quality fish meal
    Potassium diformate for better quality fish under tropical conditions. By Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt and Kai-J. Kí¼hlmann
  • Can krill meal feed an expanding aquaculture?
    The sustainability of using krill in aquafeeds
  • Probiotics in aquaculture operations
    Bioremediation to relieve challenging pond conditions. By Elisabeth Mayer
  • Profiling amino and fatty acids in the orange spotted grouper
    This is required for formulating efficient feeds. By Nguyen Van Nguyen, Le Xuan Hai, Nguyen Van Hao, Pham Duy Hai and Nguyen Thanh Trung

Disease Management

  • A standardised white spot disease challenge test to evaluate the efficacy of a biocide
    By Mathias Corteel, Joí£o José Dantas-Lima, Hans J. Nauwynck, Maurice B. Pensaert, Mathieu Wille, Patrick Sorgeloos, Victoria Alday-Sanz and Olivier Decamp

Culture Technology

  • Ensuring a future for farmers
    Making the most of scientific information on WSSV, theory to practice in biosecurity and traceable pompano culture in Indonesia
  • Return of the black tigers
    Performance validation of imported post larvae and a domestication program in Malaysia


  • Fish supply in the Arab states.
    Part 2: Can aquaculture bridge the fish supply gap? By Izzat H. Feidi

Company/Product News

  • Trade at Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2009
    The vitality of aquaculture in Asia from 4-6 November 2009
  • Aeration & new Artemia technology
  • President’s Science award in Taiwan/recirculation marine hatchery
  • Organic selenium, extrusion course and WWF standards for tilapia.


  • Victam Asia
  • Australasian Aquaculture, Indian International Seafood Show
  • ILDEX Vietnam Aquaculture Conference & Events listing