Jan/Feb 2011

  • Industry Review - Marine Shrimp in Asia
  • Focus on Aqua Feeds in Asia
  • Feed Technology
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  • Marketing

Volume 7, Number 1 January/February 2011 MICA (P) 008/10/2010 ISBN 1793-0561

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  • WWF u-turns and Vietnam’s pangasius catfish is now ‘towards certification’
    China’s rise in the international seafood trade
  • News in brief

Industry Review - Marine Shrimp in Asia

  • Shrimp production in Asia in 2010
    Remembering 2010 as the bonanza year, albeit production woes in some countries
  • History of Thai shrimp farming: From follower to global leader
    Soraphat Panakorn says that the rise is credited to the close relationship among farmers

Focus on Aqua Feeds in Asia

  • Rebound in 2010
    Overview of performance in 2010 and updates on new entrants
  • Aqua feed production in South China
    A shift back to shrimp feeds for Uni-President’s Zhongshan feed mill
  • A novel way to feed Artemia cysts
    Bernard Devresse introduces feeding Artemia cysts yolk platelets, extracted and processed to the right particle size

Feed Technology

  • An interactive approach to aqua nutrition
    Extracts on presentations at the 16th Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific covering amino acid requirements for fish, development of diets with no fish meal and fish oil and some aspects of a new regime in aquaculture
  • The threat of mycotoxins in aqua feeds
    A generally reduced level of contamination in complete feeds in the 2009 survey but the threat to fish/shrimp remains, say Pedro Encarnaí§í£o and Ines Rodrigues


  • Generation F2 of the tropical Panulirus ornatus
    Panulirus ornatus A world’s first and closer to commercial farming of the spiny lobster in Australia. By Roger M. Barnard, Matthew D. Johnston and Bruce Phillips
  • A sustainability concept: Recycling of end-of-life netting materials
    Advanced recycling technology from spent fishing/cage nets to carpets and apparels
  • A Thai farmer’s innovation: the shrimp auto feeder
    Changing the way shrimp is fed with the third generation feeder developed in Chantaburi. By Soraphat Panakorn and Panupong Petchkaew


  • Feeding rising demand for shrimp post larvae in China
    A strategic alliance and adapting technology to local conditions to solve major production bottlenecks

Show Preview

  • Aquatic Asia 2011, Bangkok, Match 2011
    What to expect at this inaugural trade show for Asian Pacific aquaculture business

Show Reviews

  • 15th China Fisheries and Seafood Exposition, Dalian, China
    Marketing tilapia and shrimp from China
  • Tilapia 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    The versatile tilapia is poised for further growth especially in Asia and Africa
  • European Aquaculture Society, Porto, Portugal
    Seafarming for tomorrow and what is the future

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  • 9AFAF and 9ISTA in Shanghai, 2011 & events listing