Jan/Feb 2013

  • Barramundi in Thailand
  • Farming shrimp with probiotics in India
  • Squeezed from both sides for aqua feeds in Asia
  • Marine shrimp in Asia in 2012
  • Sustainable tilapia in Hainan Island
  • Shrimp in Ecuador

Volume 9, Number 1 January/February 2013 MICA (P) 008/10/2012 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Staying optimistic in 2013


  • Tilapia connection in Hainan
    Industry forum reviews production and marketing

Shrimp Culture

  • A farmer's perspective on probiotics in shrimp culture
    Manoj M. Sharma provides more clarity and information to farmers
  • Update on top disease threats for shrimp cultured in Asia
    Dr Tim Flegel gave several messages on EMS/AHPNS in a presentation at the DSM Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific in November 2012

Fish Culture

  • Driving barramundi in Thailand
    Revival of barramundi farming in freshwater ponds. By Zuridah Merican

Aqua Feeds In Asia

  • Squeezed from both sides
    Annual review shows higher volumes of fish feeds and a second difficult year running for some shrimp feed producers
  • Value adding in marketing feed
    Tycos Vos says Gold Coin's new aqua business team will shift from generic feed marketing to value added services

Industry Review

  • Shrimp production in Asia in 2012
    Low supplies continued into 2012 amidst grim outlook with rising costs. AAP reports

Feed Technology

  • Improving growth performances of tra catfish cultured in earthen ponds
    Inclusion of a natural feed additive in feeds showed better growth and health of juvenile pangasius. By Nguyen Nhu Tri and Le Thanh Hung
  • New diets counter high temperatures
    Management of Atlantic salmon through warm summers in Australia
  • Drivers for production gains: Better nutrition and health
    At the DSM Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific, experts looked at enzymes, gaps in nutrient requirements for vannamei shrimp, lipids and macro and micronutrients in fish nutrition and health


  • Key factors in shrimp production in Ecuador
    Pablo Intriago explains Ecuador's annual increase in production since 2003.
  • Caulerpa culture in South Sulawesi
    Nana S.S.U. Putra, Imran Lapong, Michael A.Rimmer and Sugeng Raharjo show this as a profitable diversification from shrimp farming


  • The impact of the EU crisis on South East Asian seafood trade
    Despite the crisis, the EU continues to be a very attractive market for seafood exporters, says Jose Fernandez-Polanco
  • China Fisheries and Seafood Expo 2012
    In Dalian, an interactive platform for Asia's seafood business
  • A zone management approach for sustainable aquaculture
    This starts with SFP's Aquaculture Improvement Project with the tilapia industry in Hainan Island

Show Preview

  • Aquatic Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand

Company News

  • Monosex culture of prawns


  • TARS 2013: Finfish Aquaculture-Industrialisation and Sustainability, Singapore
  • 2013 Hinter Symposium, Zhanjiang, China
  • 10AFAF and CAA4, Yeosu, Korea