Jan/Feb 2014

  • Innovations in Shrimp Farming
  • Biofloc and Shrimp Disease
  • Biofloc to increase Tilapia Production
  • Marine Shrimp in Asia in 2013
  • Selective Growth of Aquafeeds
  • Developments in Fish & Shrimp Feed Extrusion

Volume 10, Number 1 January/February 2014 MICA (P) 008/10/2013 ISBN 1793 -0561

From the editor

  • 2014: What will the year of the horse bring?


  • EMS/AHPND updates and information on primers and protocols for detection

Shrimp Culture

  • Biofloc and shrimp diseases
    Workshop in Vietnam discusses the use of biofloc technology in shrimp ponds in preventing EMS
  • Innovative ideas in shrimp farming
    Poh Yong Thong presents new ideas developed by industry

Fish Culture

  • Tilapia production using biofloc technology (BFT)
    Yoram Avnimelech shows how the recycling of feed lowers production costs

Aquafeeds in Asia

  • Selective growth in 2013
    Good demand for fish and shrimp feeds but selective for the latter. By Zuridah Merican.
  • An expanded aquafeed R&D centre
    This will fine tune formulations for several species for Thailuxe Feeds in Thailand
  • Central R&D, local delivery for aquaculture
    An interview with CEO Erik Visser of Nutriad

Industry Review

  • Marine shrimp in Asia in 2013
    Total production pulled down by EMS in Thailand while Indonesia and India gain volumes
  • The vannamei makes a splash in the Philippines
    The shrimp is changing the industry. By Rafael D. Guerrero III

Feed Technology

  • Attractability of probiotic-coated shrimp feed
    Phuthongphan Rattayaporn, Srianek Patipon, Roeland Wouters, Geert Rombaut and Olivier Decamp say that palatability was better.
  • New developments in shrimp and fish feed extrusion
    Mian N. Riaz discusses innovations that manufacturers can provide in the short and long term.
  • Prevalence of mycotoxins in some major aquafeed ingredients
    In this 2014 update, Pedro Encarnacao, Goncalo Santos and Karin Naehrer say even at low concentration levels, there are effects on growth and health status of fish.
  • 2013 DSM Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific
    Topics of discussion included the fish meal situation, aqua nutrition updates and how to handle an industry confronted with disease outbreaks.


  • Selling into China
    A larger China Fisheries & Seafood Expo and Aquaculture China 2013

Company News

  • Taking rotifer culture to the next level
  • New innovations in phytogenics


  • World Aquaculture 2014/ Indo Aqua 2014, Jakarta