Jan/Feb 2019

  • Shrimp: Disruption in 2018
  • Post EMS in Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Haematococcus astaxanthin
  • Taiwan IOT and green technology
  • Science in the aquaculture economy

Volume 15, Number 1 January/February 2019 MCI (P) 008/10/2018 ISBN 1793-056

From the editor

  • The year ahead-Expect headwinds and more disruption


  • Green field feed plant /AIC in 2019/Acquisition of shrimp farm

Shrimp Culture

  • Post EMS in Sinaloa, a shrimp farm moves forward
    Recovering production and gaining market access in Mexico. By Zuridah Merican
  • Self-regulation in Mexico’s shrimp farming industry
    Working together is critical to reinstate production.
  • Home grown broodstock in Asia
    A new vannamei shrimp brood stock centre is strategically set up in Singapore.

Feed Technology

  • A think tank for tomorrow’s protein
    The entire aquaculture value chain will have to rethink on the best and sustainable protein sources, says OddGeir Oddsen
  • Haematococcus astaxanthin: Is it time to rethink astaxanthin use in white shrimp feeds?
    By Martin Guerin
  • A focus on shrimp hydrolysate
    A source of functional peptides to improve the performance of farmed fish and shrimp. By Fabio Soller, Mikael Herault and Vincent Fournier
  • Fumonisins in aquaculture: Occurrence, impact and counteraction
    Negative effects and the synergistic effects of the combination of fumonisins and aflatoxins. By Rui A. Goní§alves and Michele Muccio
  • Spray-dried plasma protein in shrimp diets
    Growth and survival of shrimp were not affected by feed processing temperatures. By Eric De Muylder, Lourens Heres and Carine van Vuure
  • Science in the aquaculture economy
    How can aquaculture benefit from progress in science?
  • Driving sustainability and innovation in aquaculture
    DSM tackles challenging issues from marketing to feed processing.

Industry Review

  • Marine shrimp in Asia: Disruption with lower prices in 2018
    This was since April 2018. By Zuridah Merican


  • Using brine to deep freeze shrimp
    Part 1: The science of freezing shrimp with brine. By Herve Lucien-Brun
  • Innovations from Taiwan
    IOT and green technology at TIFSS 2018. By Yvonne T Nathan

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