Jan/Feb 2021

  • Feed for Organic Shrimp in Madagascar
  • Taming the Black Tiger Shrimp
  • Digital Transformation of the Shrimp Sector
  • Managing AHPND, EHP and WFS

Volume 17, Number 1 January/February 2021 MCI (P) 010/10/2020 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Wish list for 2021: Markets must lead production


  • The main portal of entry for shrimp-related pathogens

Broodstock & Hatchery

  • Shrimp broodstock and hatchery in 2020: Making waves with
    fast growth lines
    New vannamei broodstock lines meet farmers’ wishes, by Zuridah Merican
    Can a tiger be domesticated?
  • The story of the domesticated SPF Penaeus monodon, by Robins McIntosh and
    Chalor Jeeraji

Shrimp Culture

  • Managing the shrimp production supply chain in a post-pandemic world:
    Vietnam’s case
    Samson Li says that with delayed pond stocking in the first half of 2020, lower
    production was expected.

  • Effects of dietary astaxanthin krill oil and high protein krill meal on the
    growth and survival of post larvae in hyper intensive nursery culture
    Study shows the possibility of lower mortality after transfer to grow-out ponds.

Feed Technology

  • Feed production for organic tiger shrimp farming in Madagascar
    Principles – Constraints – Opportunities, by Alexandre Bédier
  • A sustainability transformation worldwide
    Interview on DSM’s “We Make It Possible" in the aquaculture landscape.
  • Growth in white shrimp fed with diets containing DDGS as partial
    replacement of SBM
    Romi Novriadi and Ronnie Tan discuss trials in Batam where up to 15% can be an
    effective protein source in 8% fish meal diets.

Industry Review

  • 2020: Marine shrimp in Asia
    Significantly affected by simultaneous demand and supply shocks.
  • GOAL 2020: Global farmed shrimp supply
    There is optimism for an increase of 8.4% in 2021.
  • Empowering the shrimp sector through digital transformation
    The first step towards production optimisation and sustainability, explains
    Konstantinos Bovolis.
  • Innovation opportunities on shrimp farms
    These can have tangible and lasting impact. By Benedict Tan and Dylan Howell
  • Managing AHPND, EHP and WFS
    Industry leaders from Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Thailand debate at the virtual
    TARS Leading Conversations.
  • Nursery culture in 2020
    Farmers recognise the advantages of on-farm nursery systems.
  • 2020 HATCH Cohort
    A wide range from early tech development stage to those in revenue looking to
    expand internationally.

Show Review

  • A hybrid TIFFS 2020 in December