Jan/Feb 2022

  • World of Artemia Cysts
  • A New Normal for the Philippines Shrimp Industry
  • Methanotroph Bacteria Protein Meals
  • Off-Season Spawning of Milkfish

From the editor

  • Forecast and View for 2022

Industry News

  • Reviews in 2021 - Global supply and demand/ Rising feed prices/ Thumbs up
    to Ecuador/ Shrimp aquaculture innovators

Hatchery & Nursery

  • Live SPF polychaetes – a critical need for shrimp broodstock biosecurity and
    Use of wild caught polychaetes in Asia brings unwanted risks and biosecurity concerns for
    shrimp hatcheries. By Stephen Christensen and Florian Renault
  • 30 years of tilapia breeding programs: The effect of traditional and novel
    selection methods
    Rajesh Joshi, Anders Skaarud and Anne Vik Mariussen discuss how simplistic selection based on
    observed physical traits has evolved into the use of DNA information

Feed Technology

  • The thrill of krill
    There is the combination of amino and fatty acids, chitin, astaxanthin and low molecular weight
    soluble attractants in fish and shrimp diets, says Lena Burri
  • Partial to total substitution of fishmeal with methanotroph bacteria meal in
    Pacific white shrimp diets
    Aside from good growth and survival, there is the ability to tolerate an AHPND/EMS challenge,
    say Orapint Jintasataporn, Srinoy Chumkam, Supawit Triwutanon, Allan LeBlanc and Jarin
  • Feed with impact
    Startup INSEACT is targeting the shrimp feed market, in particular in Southeast Asia
  • The New Blue is Green
    Sharing new insights on novel technologies and address climate resilience of aquaculture at the
    Aqu@Event by Adisseo


  • Influence of water temperature on induced reproduction of milkfish during
    The goal towards consistent fry production throughout the year can be achieved via
    manipulation of water temperatures say SEAFDEC’s team of Dan D. Baliao, Roger Edward P.
    Mamauag and Leobert D. de la Pena

Industry Review

  • The world of Artemia cysts as live feeds in marine shrimp hatcheries
    Insights on current trends in Artemia nauplii production, usage and technologies
  • Shifting to a sustainable new normal in shrimp farming in the Philippines
    At the Philippines Shrimp Congress, an environment-conscious growth is vital for the future as
    industry looks more toward export markets
  • 2021 Marine Shrimp in Asia
    A recovery with higher production volumes by leading producers. By Zuridah Merican
  • GOAL 2021: Update on global farmed shrimp supply
    Global volumes up by 10% against 2020
  • Balancing aquaculture production and consumption
    At the DSM Aquaculture Conference Asia Pacific 2021, Part 1: Ecosystem management and
    innovations to address future challenges

Company & Event News

  • Show Review
    A hybrid TIFSS and Second Marine Aquaculture Technology Forum