Jan/Feb 2023

  • Marketing SPF Grouper Fry and Fingerlings
  • The Fourfinger Threadfin in Taiwan
  • Benefits of Natural Astaxanthin in Shrimp Diets
  • Dialogue on Risk Mitigation and Investments
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From the editor

  • 2023: Caution Headwinds – How to navigate?

Industry News

  • Latest insights on fishmeal and fish oil market trends
  • Investing in Asia with Lotus II fish feed factory

Hatchery and Nursery

  • Marketing Australian origin SPF grouper fry and fingerlings
    There are three species of groupers for markets in Singapore and Asia.
    By Zuridah Merican
  • Benefits of a natural astaxanthin from microalgae in shrimp hatchery and
    nursery stages
    Patricio Hidalgo says that these include dark colouration and large dark hepatopancreas in
    broodstock and excellent positive rheotaxis in PL42.


  • Leading Asia’s hatchery and nursery segments
    Patrick Waty and Peter De Schryver discuss moving towards standardisation and data driven
    automation to de-risk industry and increase production efficiency

Feed Technology

  • Black soldier fly meal and oil as functional ingredients for marine shrimp
    There is immunity against Vibrio parahaemolyticus with better survival rates and better condition
    of the hepatopancreas. By Piet Verstraete, Niti Chuchird, Cameron S. Richards, Stefanie Möller,
    Franck Ducharne and Romain Ménard
  • Demonstrating cost reductions with krill meal without comprising growth
  • A solution for antibiotic-free shrimp farming
    A feed additive using novel nanobiotechnology from Taiwan’s NTOU.
    By Eliza Lin, Amanda Kuo and Binesh Unnikrishnan
  • Benefits of natural carotenoids from Paracoccus carotinifaciens on colour
    and immune system of Pacific white shrimp
    More intense red colour than shrimp fed the control diet and in challenge tests, a reduction or
    delayed mortality, say Dominique Corlay and Nutt Nuntapong
  • Risk mitigation and investments in Asia’s aquafeed sector
    Views from five industry players at the TARS 2022 industry dialogue
  • 43 Adapt to pivot in Asian aquaculture
    Report on the 27th DSM Aqua Conference held in November 2022

Production Technology / Innovation

  • The story of hybrid Tilapia x Jade Perch in Singapore
    Joe Ng describes this by chance hybridisation which is now in its 4th generation and is moving
    towards commercialisation.
  • Tribute: A passion for disruptive aquaculture
    Alain Michel’s significant legacy on global aquaculture at World Aquaculture 2022 in Singapore.
    By Regis Bador and Zuridah Merican
  • Positioning Taiwan’s farmed fourfinger threadfin in local and export
    A strategic choice of sustainable production technology is necessary to expand production for
    the health and safety of consumers.
  • Mastering the microbiome in ponds in Vietnam
  • Pump system for gentle transportation of fish and shrimp

Show Review

  • World Aquaculture 2022 Singapore.
  • Company and Event News