July/Aug 2005

  • Focus: Health Management
  • Feed Processing
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Issue (July/August 2005)
Focus: Health Management

  • At the Intervet seminar on fish vaccination
    Presentations covered challenges in ensuring the sustainability of Asian aquaculture to fish health as a key element in improving production efficiency
  • Monodon slow growth syndrome in farmed black tiger shrimp in Thailand
    Since 2001, farmers have faced losses from this syndrome. The aim of researchers at Thailand's Centex Shrimp is to identify the pathogens and ways to combat the disease. By Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul
  • Disease prevention measures in coastal aquaculture: Part 2
    Pornlerd Chanratchakool deals with specific causes of toxic conditions in the pond and the role of biological products in alleviating this problem

Feed Processing

  • New directions in the production of floating fish feeds
    Joseph P Kearns and Paul Chen explain how extrusion cooking is being developed to keep up with new ingredient sources for the full range of extruded fish feed

Feed Technology

  • Nutritive value of hydrolysed dehulled soybean meal for postlarvae marine shrimp
    Jowaman Khajarern and colleagues report on growth performance of postlarvae black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon and white shrimp P. vannamei fed dehulled soybean meal hydrolysed by three different methods


  • Enhancing growth performance of shrimp with nucleotide -supplemented diets
    From Australia, Daniel K Ancieta-Prí¶bstl, Richard P Smullen and Andrew C Barnes discuss limitations of traditional immunostimulants and the use of nucleotides as an in-feed solution for disease resistance and growth enhancement in P. monodon


  • As the shrimp farming industry is hit by a 30% slide in shrimp prices, farmers in Thailand have asked the government to intervene and raise prices
  • Bearish sentiments in Vietnam too as catfish and shrimp prices fall and the government has revised its targets for catfish production. Farmers have decided to adopt a wait and see attitude
  • Sabah-based Plentiful Harvest Sdn Bhd in East Malaysia is attracting investor interest in its marine cage culture business, according to K hoo Eng Wah
  • Joachim Hertrampf reports on the work of "Aquaculture without Frontiers" in tsunami hit Aceh

Show Reports

  • A report on the trade show at World Aquaculture 2005 in Bali and presentations by Asian industry leaders on biosecurity and new perspectives in the culture of P. vannamei shrimp in Asia attracted interest.