July/Aug 2006

  • Interview :Changing industry patterns to gain a lead
  • Managing Ponds
  • Industry Review
  • Feed Proccessing
  • Feed Technology

Volume 2, Number 4 July/August 2006 MICA (P) 094/10/2005
Interview :Changing industry patterns to gain a lead

  • Changing industry patterns to gain a lead
    On the evolution of Uni-President Vietnam to a leading shrimp feed manufacturer in the country, with Jeff Jie-Cheng Chuang, Vice President
  • Managing Ponds
    Environment is most important
    At MoO farms in Vietnam, probiotics has played a large role in maintaining optimal water conditions. By Zuridah Merican
  • The making of a shrimp entrepreneur
    Bui Minh Khoa attributes the success of his Truong Thanh Farm to the personal attention and love for the shrimp farming business. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review

  • The Japanese shrimp market in 2005
    The import value for all types of shrimp in Japan was USD2.25 billion in this second largest single shrimp market after the US. Black tiger shrimp is still the preferred species. By Fatima Ferdouse.
  • Feed Proccessing
    Q&A on equipment for extrusion and conditioning
    Feed equipment manufacturers answer your questions on the current technology available to meet industry needs

Feed Technology

  • Exogenous dietary phytase
    A reliable tool for increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of aquafeeds. By Jacques Gabaudan, Wutiporn Phromkunthong and Brian Hunter
  • Hydrolysed poultry protein in diets for white shrimp
    Trials in Hainan, China showed a 6% inclusion can replace 18.3% of fish meal for juvenile shrimp. By Peibin Wang, Zhigang Zhou, Huiyuan Lv, Yang Deng and Franz-Peter Rebafka
  • Implications of mycotoxins in aquafeeds
    Evidence from research on the effects of various mycotoxins in feed on the marine shrimp, tilapia and catfish. By Pedro Encarnaí§í£o
  • Nutrition and Health
    The increasing importance of selenium in fish nutrition
    Supplementing the fish diet with organic Se and antioxidants can also maintain post harvest red colour of Southern Bluefin Tuna for a longer period. By Philip Thomas and Peter Surai


  • Quality issues in marketing white shrimp to European markets
    Part 2: Influence of harvesting methods on the final quality of shrimp. By Hervé Lucien- Brun and Frédéric Vidal

Show Preview

  • AustralasianAquaculture 2006
    A preview of some companies and products for the trade show to be held in Adelaide, South Australia, August 27-30, 2006


  • A new beginning with whites in the Philippines?
    Industry is now looking forward to increasing shrimp production with the planned removal of the ban on the commercial culture of the white shrimp. By Zuridah Merican
  • 5th National Shrimp Congress
    A program designed to prepare industry for the culture of white shrimp with participation of major biotechnology companies and SPF broodstock producers. By Zuridah Merican

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