July/Aug 2007

  • Responsible Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture in Vietnam
  • Shrimp Culture
  • Feed Technology
  • Feed Processing

Volume 3, Number 4 July/August 2007 MICA(P) 099/10/2006

Responsible Aquaculture

  • Understanding the path towards Responsible Aquaculture
    The real and perceived impacts of aquaculture on the environment are identifi ed. Stakeholders must reach consensus on key impacts and on the means to reduce them. By Aaron A. McNevin, Katherine Bostick, Flavio Corsin and Eric Bernard

Aquaculture in Vietnam

  • Vietnam's catfish and marine shrimp production
    The spectacular growth in production, especially for catfi sh, is raising concerns on its social and environmental impact. By Víµ Hoí ng Nguyíªn

Shrimp Culture

  • KPIs in P. vannamei farming
    In Thailand’s PhangNga province, Saksahakorn Khongsamat, Inteqc Feed showed how he achieves targets. By Zuridah Merican
    Second generation of shrimp farmers in Indonesia
    After more than 20 years, the industry is beginning to see the emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurs ready to carry on the legacy of shrimp farming. By Iffa Suraiya

Feed Technology

  • Ingredients and raw material processing
    New information on ingredients and processing covering fi sh meal, krill, organic aqua feeds and new sources of protein and attractants of interest to the global industry at Aquafeed Horizons 2007.
  • New identity
    New logo and style for INVE Aquaculture
  • Phytase in aqua feeds
    Focus on different enzymatic sources and their properties. By Tobias Steiner and Pedro Encarnacao
  • Activated íŸ-glucans to the Rescue…
    How íŸ-glucans play a role in fi sh and shrimp growth, health management and dependency on antibiotics. By Paul Perucchietti and Arjen Roem

Feed Processing

  • Modern feed technology to bring signifi cant savings
    Companies explain their dryer, extrusion and grinding technology at Victam International 2007

Feed Marketing

  • Relationship, partnerships and innovation in aquaculture marketing
    Through a close relationship with farmers and feed manufacturers, Ocialis will grow in Asia.

Show previews

  • Tilapia 2007 Kuala Lumpur
    Shaping up as "The Global Tilapia Event" this 23-25 August.
  • Asian Pacifi c Aquaculture 2007
    Exciting offerings for Asian aquaculture in Hanoi, 5-8 August 2007.

Conference Report

  • The Catfish Story
    The fast pace of development, sustainability, food safety and product quality dominated Catfi sh 2007 Vietnam, held in June 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City.


  • Hurdles with exporting catfi sh to Russia
    Exports to Russia increased 165% in January and February 2007. Since May, a major setback with quality issues.
  • Ground breaking for new marine shrimp hatchery business
    The start of the integrated business model at Uni President Vietnam.
  • CP Prima takes over Dipasena
    Positioning to be the largest shrimp producer in the world.


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