July/Aug 2008

  • Shrimp Culture
  • Feed Technology omega replica watches
  • Industry Review - Tilapia
  • Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Marketing

Volume 4, Number 4 July/August 2008 MICA (P) 096/10/2007

Shrimp Culture

  • SPF shrimp hatchery: New start in the Philippines
    Production of vannamei post larvae from SPF broodstock has begun for Cruztacean Hatchery in Iloilo, Visayas after meeting biosecurity requirements of the certification authority. By Zuridah Merican
  • SPF shrimp hatchery: A good start to integration model in Vietnam
    Uni-President Vietnam's hatchery in Ninh Thuan is producing vannamei post larvae with SPF brood stock from Hawaii. By Zuridah Merican
  • Focus on the black tiger shrimp
    Experts discuss nutrition, culture, diseases, pond operations, marketing and development of selective breeding at this special session at World Aquaculture 2008, Busan, Korea.

Feed Technology

  • Feeding for profit
    Too much attention on lowering but not enough on optimising feed costs. Pedro Encarnaqí¡o looks at aspects on cost effective feeds.
  • Phytase in aqua feeds: a focus on application in the feed mill
    Dirk Lorenz-Meyer goes through selection of phytase, formulating fish feeds with phytase and application in the feed mill.
  • Selenium and immune function
    The form of selenium can improve the defense by fish and shrimp against diseases in challenge tests, by Kate A. Jacques

Industry Review - Tilapia

  • A good year for tilapia producers and consumers in 2007
    The grand march of tilapia up the aquaculture and seafood ranks continued full-scale in 2007. By Kevin M. Fitzsimmons
  • BFT for over-wintering of tilapia
    A solution to avoid production losses in tilapia farms during cold temperatures. By Yoram Avnimelech, Roselien Crab, Malik Kochva, and Willy Verstraete

Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Bio floc technology
    Some applications of BFT and initiation of the Asian Chapter of the BFT group.
  • BPGs to mitigate impact from aquaculture in cage and pen culture
    Better practice guidelines for cage operators to manage and operate responsible and sustainable production. By Patrick White
  • The IBK RAS
    A description of a laboratory scale recirculation system developed by Dr In-Bae Kim to answer the need for intensive culture in land scarce Korea.


  • Farmed shrimp from Asia - Quo vadis
    Studies on the global production and trade of farmed shrimp from Asia indicate that the future lies with markets in Europe. By Jacques Gabaudan
  • Market potential for the giant freshwater prawn
    Shirlene Maria Anthonysamy discusses the niche market for Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

Show Report

World Aquaculture 2008, Busan, Korea 20-23 May 2008


  • Korean aquaculture
    Challenges and prospects for industry
  • Directions for aquaculture development
    Developments in R&D for a new aquaculture paradigm to meet global challenges. By Mi-Seon Park

Company News

  • Trapia Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Vannamei 101, Diamond V Mills and Norel & Nature in Asia

Product News

  • Trade at World Aquaculture 2008