July/Aug 2009

  • Health and Biosecurity
  • Feed Technology
  • Industry omega-services.org Review - Freshwater fish/prawn
  • Developments
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Volume 5, Number 4 July/August 2009 MICA (P) 074/10/2008 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Is biosecurity the weakest link in sustainability?


  • New shrimp breed in Indonesia, fi rst SBT fingerlings in Australia, first organic BT shrimp from India and GlobalGap partners WWF.
  • News in brief

Shrimp Culture

  • Pushing for continuous shrimp culture in Hué
    This is the ultimate triumph for Truong Son JS in Vietnam. By Zuridah Merican.
  • Biosecurity for white spot disease prevention: a practical challenge
    An opinion piece by Pornlerd Chanratchakool on what can be done to reduce risks of outbreaks.

Health Management

  • Vaccination of tilapia against Streptococcus agalactiae
    This may become a tool in disease management and control in intensive tilapia farming, says John S. Clark, Warren A. Turner, Angus MacNiven and Nantarika Chansue.
  • Study on common diseases in farmed pangasius in the Mekong Delta
    With rapid development in its farming, diseases have now become a major concern. By Nguyen Hoang Vu and Marc Campet.
  • Microbial dynamics in shrimp ponds
    Understanding the microbial ecological process in ponds and in the shrimp intestinal tract is vital. By Marcos H. S. Santos, Tadeu da Silva, Jose Torres, Roseli Pimentel Silva, David Moriarty and Olivier Decamp.

Feed Technology

  • A feed is only as good as its ingredients
    In Part II, Brett Glencross looks at some of the more traditional parameters of ingredient assessment studies.
  • Hydrolyzed animal proteins and gelatin
    Eric De Muylder, Carine van Vuure, Romain de Vargas, Daan Delbare and Geert van der Velden investigate the effects of utilisation in low fi shmeal diets for juvenile white shrimp.


  • Q&A with Mr. David Byrne
    On food safety and traceability in aquaculture products from Asia.
  • Focus on creating value
    Changes in marketing aqua feed in Vietnam for Uni President Vietnam.

Industry Review-Freshwater fish

  • A future for the tilapia in Bangladesh
    Dr M. G. Hussain says that a tremendous progress in its farming is being achieved with improved strains and expansion of culture areas.
  • Working with nature
    Producing clean and healthy tilapia in an eco-friendly environment by Zuridah Merican.
  • Malaysia’s first aquatic biopark
    This is a new concept in the aqua business.

Company news

  • DSM’s Quality for Life concept
  • Behn Meyer in Vietnam’s role in aquaculture
  • RAS from Fujian/Appointments
  • Alltech/IAI/Addcon

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  • Updates on Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2009 & World Aquaculture 2009.

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