July/Aug 2011

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  • Industry Review - Tilapia in Asia
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Volume 7, Number 4 July/August 2011 MICA (P) 008/10/2010 ISBN 1793-0561

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  • Landmark report on aquaculture / Tilapia genome sequenced / Four-Star company in BAP program
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Shrimp Culture

  • Industry comments on disease outbreaks lowering shrimp supply
    Widespread infections and inclement weather have reduced supply of both vannamei and monodon in the first half of 2011.
  • Managing shrimp culture with climate change
    Soraphat Panakorn explains the effects on pond culture and proposes remedial measures for a successful crop.

Feed Technology

  • Diversification to raise national aquaculture productivity
    Santeh's move into farming of marine finfish and seafood marketing.
  • Blue revolution with fish meal reduction
    Solid State Fermentation enzymes can reduce fish meal inclusion. By Serge Corneillie and Keith Filer
  • Extruded shrimp feeds : considerations for production
    What can an extruder do that a pellet mill has a difficult time achieving? By Joseph P. Kearns
  • Improving nutrient digestibility in juvenile sex-reversed red tilapia
    Incorporating a fermentation metabolite product. By Wutiporn Phromkunthong
  • New technologies for superior fish feed characteristics
    Combining two new process technologies to achieve full feed control

Health Management

  • Importance of effluent treatment systems in India
    This is sustainable farming without causing adverse impact to the environment and the ecosystem. By Vikash Kumar, Debtanu Barman and Sagar C Mandal

Industry Review - Tilapia in Asia

  • Developments and trends in tilapia in Asia
    There is continuing growth in tilapia production, brought about by genetic improvement, says Rafael D. Guerrero III
  • Tilapia is gaining popularity in Vietnam
    Focus on tilapia cage culture in the Mekong Delta


  • Shopping Asian at ESE 2011
    Asian producers target the European market with sustainable shrimp and fish
  • New version 4 and industry updates at ESE
    GlobalG.A.P’s Nigel Garbutt presented standards for any aquaculture operation worldwide

Company News

  • National Young Scientist Aqua Conference 2011
  • Farmer training in Indonesia / New appointments
  • First International Acidifier Summit
  • Mobile PCR lab for shrimp farmers
  • Acquisitions / single cell protein


  • New growth promoting products in Surat Thani/Auto feeder.
  • World Aquaculture 2011, Natal
    Aquaculture on track in Brazil, reports Eric Roderick.
  • 9th AFAF and 9ISTA, Shanghai
    Success with Better Science, Better Fish, Better Life in China


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