July/Aug 2012

  • Early Mortality Syndrome in Malaysia
  • Black Tiger Shrimp in India and Vietnam
  • Debut of the Vegetarian Pangasius
  • Imaging of Fish Pellets
  • The Mycotoxin Survey

Volume 8, Number 4 July/August 2012 MICA (P) 006/10/2011 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Food Safety - Too big to take risks


  • Philippines: comeback in shrimp production
    The strategy is new technologies and producer-processor alliances
  • News in Brief

Shrimp Culture

  • Symptoms, causes and remedies for EMS
    An exchange on the EMS among experts and industry in Malaysia, by Erin Tan Chung Wei
  • A position with the black tiger shrimp
    In India, the Aquastar hatchery has a steady clientele. By Zuridah Merican.
  • Black tiger shrimp in Vietnam
    It has been difficult to meet export targets, reports Le Thi Ngoc Diep
  • Changing to vannamei shrimp
    New to vannamei shrimp farming, the Mercury aqua farm continues to adapt. By Zuridah Merican.
  • Performance testing on SPF shrimp lines
    Growth rates and virus challenges for the next generation of shrimp by Jim Wyban, Brenda Noble and Donald V. Lightner

Feed Technology

  • Two more fish feed mills in India
    Recent developments in the Indian extruded fish feed industry
  • Fish feed gets 'hospital treatment'
    High science imaging reveals feed pellets' secrets

Food Safety

  • Mycotoxins: a rising threat for aquaculture
    Shu Guan, Pedro Encarnacao and KarinNahrer report on the findings of the annual mycotoxin survey program
  • Producing quality probiotics is an art and science
    The production process to assure an efficacious and pure product is detailed by Mathieu Castex and Jerome Panes

Marine Fish

  • An exciting future for cobia aquaculture in India
    Anilkumar P says that at RGCA, year round breeding provides for exports of fingerlings,juveniles and yolk fry.
  • Raising the bar in fry supply in Asia
    A modern vertically integrated land-based hatchery and nursery on its own island in Singapore


  • Debut of the vegetarian fish in France
    At ESE, launch of the brand 'Pangas 100% vegetal', the responsibly farmed pangasius in Vietnam.
  • ASC's progress to market
    At ESE, the start of an accreditation process and a consumer facing logo
  • The European shrimp market
    Herve Lucien-Brun says that Asia leads with frozen warm water shrimp to Europe


  • Commercial farming of the red belly pacu
    A 'freshwater pomfret' is gaining popularity in India, said A.K.Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Abubakar Ansari and Sharad C Srivastava

Show reviews

  • 8th Philippines Shrimp Congress in Bacolod
    Proven technologies and promising innovations
  • Skretting Australasian Aquaculture Conference 2012 in Melbourne
    "The Next Ten Years" for aquaculture in Asia Pacific

Company News

  • Aqua-nutrition seminar in the Mekong Delta/Acquisition in the phytogenics business
  • Appointments/ Proceedings on bacterial disease in tilapia


  • Listing of events