July/Aug 2014

  • Building trust in aquaculture
  • Hyper intensive shrimp farming in Vietnam
  • Biofloc technology in Indonesia
  • Biosecurity in aquaculture
  • EMS/AHPND: New PCR method and holistic approach
  • Vietnam's pangasius industry in 2014

Volume 10, Number 4 JULY/AUGUST 2014 MCI (P) 008/10/2013 ISBN 1793 -0561

From the editor

  • With crisis, comes opportunity

Shrimp Culture

  • A new model for shrimp production in Vietnam
    Carlos Massad, Marc Campet and Gustavo Pineda Mahr say that a model hyper intensive culture system shows promise
  • Biofloc technology in shrimp farming: success and failure
    Poh Yong Tong reviews the use of biofloc and semi floc technology in shrimp farms in Indonesia
  • Order of the Rising Sun
    Taiwan's I Chiu Liao honoured for bilateral exchanges in aquaculture
  • Holistic approach to combat EMS/AHPND
    In the EMS story, it is all about managing the common pathogen in shrimp farming. By Corteel Mathias and Olivier Decamp

Fish Culture

  • Snakeskin gourami in the Mekong
    Expansion will be through feeds specific for the species and improvements in hatchery techniques. By Nguyen Tan Duy Phong

Feed Technology

  • Marine protein hydrolysates as shrimp immune modulators
    Mikael Herault, Emmerik Motte and Vincent Fournier show how functional feeds are part of the solution towards sustainable shrimp aquaculture
  • Fishmeal and fish oil shortage: consider algae
    The road to sustainable feeds. By Alex Tsappis
  • New Turkish feed company
    Joint venture to focus on feed efficiency, technical service and sustainability
  • An improved frog feed industry
    Challenges in its farming in China, by Tang Xuemin, Ju Peng and Xiao Jianguang


  • Not all tilapia are created equal
    Premium tilapia production while building communities
  • Biosecurity in aquaculture
    Part 1: International considerations. By Leonardo Galli, Don Griffiths, Pikul Jiravanichpaisal, Nattawadee Wattanapongchart, Oranun Wongsrirattanakul and Andrew Shinn

Industry Review - Catfish

  • Vietnam's pangasius industry in 2014
    Within the next two years, Vietnam plans to maintain production volumes and improve product quality. By Zuridah Merican
  • Rise and fall of Vietnam's pangasius in EU markets
    A market analysis on the influence of importers in its pricing and popularity. By José Fernandez Polanco


  • Certification bodies reduce duplication
    A collaboration on consumer labelling to reduce double auditing
  • Working together for certification of shrimp
    Efforts of a shrimp processor and trader to improve shrimp aquaculture practices in Vietnam

Company News

  • Launch of health services in Asia
  • FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia 2014
  • Hydrolysed feather meal/Phytogenic additives
  • New appointments
  • Control for shrimp disease/new drug approval


  • Indonesia Aquaculture 2014/TARS 2014
  • Seafood Expo Asia
  • Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition and Feed Management