July/Aug 2018

  • Selective Breeding of Indigenous Shrimp Species
  • Better Health Status of Korean Rockfish
  • Functional Protein Hydrolysates
  • Insight on Global Tilapia Production
  • Offshore Cage Farming in Asia

Volume 14, Number 4 July/August 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Disease management: avoiding the perfect storm


  • JV for aquafeed production in India/ First verified shrimp for US market

Shrimp Culture

  • Do we need selective breeding of an indigenous shrimp in India?
    Surendran V and Ravikumar Y look at the current situation in India and propose selective breeding of alternatives to the vannamei shrimp
  • Nursery operations at the farm site: A sustainable approach for Asia’s vannamei shrimp industry
    Protocols to achieve more consistent results, in time will improve with standardization. By Manuel Poulain
  • Commercial shrimp farming ventures in Andhra Pradesh, India
    Views on how shrimp farming is perceived; as a high risk profitable or a sustainable long-term business. By Charles M. James

Disease Management

  • How better disease management will make aquaculture sustainable and more profitable,
    says OddGeir Oddsen.
  • Probiotics improve growth performances and supports the health status of Korean rockfish
    The reduction in the multiplication of pathogens in probiotic-fed fish compared to non-supplemented fish. By Eric Leclercq, Sylvie Roquefeuil and Stéphane Ralite
  • Organic acids and autolysed yeasts reduce impact of pathogenic bacteria in fish
    David Bal, Antonia Tacconi, Benedict Standen and Anwar Hasan say the benefits are mitigation against gramnegative pathogens and supporting immune defence mechanisms.

Feed Technology

  • Functional protein hydrolysates: supporting high and consistent performance of novel aquafeeds
    Key is a highly standardized ingredient say Fabio Soller, Paul Seguin and Vincent Fournier.
  • Effects of diets with a protease complex on Pacific white shrimp in a superintensive system
    In field and laboratory conditions, results were better compared to regular commercial diets. By Wutiporn Phromkunthong, Supornchai Sri-Nhonghang and M A Kabir Chowdhury

Aquafeed Horizons 2018

  • Updates on aquafeed processing, functional additives and novel ingredients.

Industry Review: Tilapia production

  • Developments in global tilapia production
    Issues of low omega-3s are likely to be addressed in the near future. By Eric Roderick

Marine Fish

  • Offshore Mariculture Asia 2018
    Success and challenges for the emerging industry in Asia.

Show Reviews

  • APA18 in Taiwan
  • Aquaculture at Livestock Asia 2018

Company News & Events

  • Rebrand for hygiene solution company
  • Export of Artemia cysts into Ecuador/ Exceeding sustainability KPIs for raw materials
  • New phytase to unlock vital nutrients
  • Half-time for algal oil production facility
  • First MSC certified hotel group in Asia
  • Trials to promote sustainable seafood