July/Aug 2019

  • Responsible & Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Asian tilapia in 2018/2019
  • Ready to use fresh Artemia nauplii
  • A sustainability conundrum
  • Tackling white faeces syndrome

Volume 15, Number 4 July/August 2019 MCI (P) 008/10/2018 ISBN 1793 -0561

From the editor

  • Responsible and Sustainable Aquaculture: No longer a luxury but a necessity


  • Aquaculture for health, wealth and happiness

Shrimp Culture

  • Ready-to-use live Artemia nauplii supply in India
    Vannamei shrimp hatcheries along the east coast benefit from a daily supply. By Zuridah Merican
  • Inhibition of Vibrio biofilm formation by ginger extract
    Supplementation with ginger extract protects shrimp against AHPND. By Chumporn Soowannayan, Sasithorn Boonmee, Sukanya Puckcharoen, Pattanan Yatip, Patoomratana Tuchinda, Bamroong Munyoo and Wing-Keong Ng

Industry Review

  • Update on Asian tilapia production in 2018/2019
    Production rising but with stagnant international demand, producers seek local markets
  • β-glucans: a natural solution to improving the immune status and survival of fish
    A measure of the effectiveness is the ratio between β-glucans and MOS, say Liliana Borges and Melina Bonato

Responsible & Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Responsible and sustainable aquaculture
    Anton Immink, Dave Little, Dominique Gautier and Manish Kumar discuss aspects of aquaculture where industry and regulators need to deliver on sustainability in order to attract investments.
  • Some considerations on the sustainability of low fish meal aquafeed
    Plant meals can effectively replace fish meal when carefully processed to maintain optimal nutritional value. Thomas Wilson
  • Fishmeal substitution with plant ingredients in shrimp feeds: A sustainability conundrum?
    Wesley Malcorps and Björn Kok say that a shift from fishmeal to plant ingredients should not be taken for granted as a sustainable solution.
  • Vision for a more sustainable aquaculture
    A sustainability story as algal oil containing EPA and DHA reaches the markets. By Zuridah Merican
  • UV Disinfection in Aquaculture
    The increasing demand for fish is changing farming methods, says Duncan Ockendon

Feed Technology

  • Natural free amino acids influence shrimp behaviour and feed attractiveness
    Understanding how shrimp behave with feeds enriched with natural free amino acids. By Guillaume Le Reste, Pierrick Kersante, Joël Duperray, Luxsanawadee Soonngam and Orapint Jintasataporn
  • Validating the efficacy of a phytobiotic-based feed additive against white faeces syndrome
    Efficacy of preventive strategies was tested in shrimp farms in Malaysia, Indonesia and India. By Waldo G. Nuez-Ortí­n and Maria Mercè Isern-Subich
  • Aquaculture versus agriculture & meat production - A paradox
    From myth to reality: Sustainable growth of aquaculture requires focused standardised research studies. By Kabir Chowdhury
  • Insect protein takes flight in Asia
    Insect meal production is poised to rise as a major aquafeed ingredient. By Martin Zorrilla
  • Effects of fish meal replacement in the culture of Florida pompano
    Romi Novriadi and D. Allen Davis discuss growth and physiological conditions of fish fed diets with fish meal replaced with ESBM.