July/Aug 2020

  • Step-up to Sustainability
  • eDNA Testing in Hong Kong
  • The Tilapia in the Philippines
  • Getting it Right at Every Step with Vitamins

From the editor

  • Route to market - necessity is the mother of invention?


  • SOFIA 2020: Sustainability in action

Shrimp Culture

  • Optimizing shrimp production requires differentiated shrimp lines
    Precision breeding for different culture systems and needs. By Robbert Blonk
  • New study confirms positive impact of astaxanthin krill oil on growth of Pacific white shrimp under hypersaline conditions
    Dr Alberto J.P. Nunes shares his latest findings.
  • Balancing the pond environment
    In Vietnam, Wen Wei discusses how a commercial probiotic enhances environmental conditions in a shrimp farm to improve margins.
Responsible & Sustainable Aquaculture
  • eDNA and water quality tests to pre-empt disease outbreaks
    Research out of Hong Kong combines environmental DNA testing with water quality monitoring. By Helen Taylor
  • AIP Directory: a new one-stop shop for aquaculture improvement projects
    Sharing information to support sourcing decisions. By Anton Immink, Jenna Stoner and Paul Bulcock
  • AquaScape
    This is a digital platform that gives Asia's aquaculture stakeholders the step-up to sustainability in seafood production. By Rui Gomes Ferreira
  • SHRImp- The Shrimp Health Resources Improvement Project
    An AIP in Thailand provides farmers with tools to better manage emerging disease outbreaks and cumulative environmental impacts.
Feed Technology
  • A long-term approach to increase profitability and sustainability in aquaculture
    By Henry Wong and Niamh McNally
  • Organic trace minerals can support sustainability of shrimp production
    Half doses of OTM maintained shrimp growth performance and feed efficiency, while reducing mineral excretion, says Mieke Zoon
  • Free nucleotides, β-glucans and MOS
    Liliana Borges and Melina Bonato discuss a perfect combination to increase survival and fish production.
  • 2019: How aquaculture fuelled the best year for the aquafeed industry in India
    Uncertainties and losses with lockdown measures are expected to lower 2020 demand by 25-30%, says Ajaya Baskar
  • Getting it right at every step
    Getting the benefits of vitamins at every step in the aquaculture cycle. By Thomas Wilson
  • Functional hydrolysates increase shrimp feed consistency, sustainability and performance
    These preserve a maximum of bioactive peptides from native proteins. By Mikael Herault, Buddhi E. Gunathilaka, Kyeong-Jun Lee
  • Butyrate glycerides mitigate the negative effects of high dietary soybean meal on fish and gut health
    A protected form of butyrate acts as a functional feed additive by increasing the activity of gut enzymes. By Qingjun Shao, Josie Ancella Volatiana, Gladstone Sagada, Bingying Xu, Jinzhi Zhang and Wing-Keong Ng
  • Algal 1,3-β glucan and vitamin C: a synergistic combination
    Pulse dosing of this combination improved immune response of shrimp, growth and FCR. By Edward Gnana Jothi George, Harikumar S, Vidya A, Rajalekshmi M and Sugumar C.
Industry Review
  • The global tilapia
    Resilience in tilapia culture continues despite lower prices since 2017, says Eric Roderick
  • The tilapia in the Philippines
    The trend is saline tilapia in brackish water ponds with overcrowding of cages in major lakes and limited supply of freshwater for pond culture. By Rafael D. Guerrero III