July/August 2022

  • Strategies for Success in Shrimp Breeding
  • Technology for Freshwater Fish Nursery Diets
  • Shrimp Feed Management for Outdoor Ponds
  • Mix of Free Amino Acids in Diets for Juvenile Tilapia

From the editor

  • The global shrimp: Is Asia losing out?

Industry News

  • Bali Rebound for Indonesia’s millennials in shrimp farming

Shrimp Culture

  • More black tiger shrimp from Gujarat
    Mindhola Foods shares its plan to farm large size black tiger shrimp for European markets

Supply and Demand Equilibrium

  • Shrimp breeding: Strategies for Success
    A discussion with broodstock suppliers to help the hatchery and farming sectors in India
    harness the potential of current lines of vannamei broodstock
  • Supply trends and market directions for farmed shrimp
    Production was higher in 2021 and in the first quarter 2022, Ecuador, India, Vietnam and
    Indonesia exported more shrimp to the US market.

Feed Technology

  • Nursery diet for freshwater fish: A concentrate of technology
    By Frédéric Baron and Delphine Weissman
  • A mix of free amino acids enhances growth, digestive enzyme activities,
    fillet composition, antioxidant and immune responses of juvenile Nile
    Pierrick Kersanté, Eakapol Wangkahart and Guillaume Le Reste elaborate on how this mix acts
    as a sustainable and efficient feed ingredient
  • Shrimp feed management in outdoor ponds for Litopenaeus vannamei
    Dean M Akiyama and Dany Yukasano show how feed management has a greater influence on
    harvest feed conversion ratio than feed quality
  • Gut health is the key to optimising performance in aquaculture production
    Ensuring efficient and sustainable aquatic production is not always an easy task, say Marta
    Arredondo and José A. Oroz
  • A conversation on functional nutritional solutions for shrimp and fish
    farming in LATAM and APAC regions
    There may be small regional differences on the uptake of functional feeds but, for any farmer, it
    is return on investment, say ADM’s François Jégou and Yoav Rosen

Industry Review - Tilapia

  • Current issues in developing tilapia farming in Indonesia
    Guruh Arifianto says that a strong domestic market absorbs most of its production but for export
    markets, industry needs to be cost efficient and competitive
  • Some updates on global tilapia production
    Latin American is the fastest growing region led by Brazil
  • Improved fish health and profits by using Streptococcosis resistant tilapia

Production Technology

  • The impact of extreme rainfall on aquaculture
    There is an extensive list of events which can be managed with a good understanding of impact
    and prompt action by farmers. By Li Bing, Dong Qiufen and Zhang Song

Show review

  • Seafood Expo Global, Barcelona, Spain, April 26-28
  • Blue Food Innovation Summit. London, UK, June 14-15
  • INFOFISH Shrimp 2022. Putrajaya, Malaysia, June 8-10

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