July/August 2021

  • Optimisation of feed margins
  • Swings in aquafeed demand in 2020
  • Krill meal in juvenile olive flounder
  • Monogenean infections in striped catfish

From the editor

  • Demand led production – not all markets are created equal


  • Global and Vietnamese marine ingredients supply chain

Shrimp Culture

  • How Vietnam is moving towards responsible and sustainable shrimp
    Van Tan reports on several steps including a locally developed disease free vannamei
  • broodstock and more sustainable farming models
    Artemia harvest made easy
    A call to move away from double sieving

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Krill is king: How a tiny crustacean can lead to big savings
    Tibiabin Benitez-Santan shows the savings per kg of fish with krill meal supplementation in low
    fish meal diets fed to the juvenile olive flounder
  • Sustainable aquaculture with a new generation of shrimp feed
    Cuong Huynh Tran, Vu Hoang Nguyen and Van Thi Thai Nguyen describe a step forward with a
    new functional feed to control pathogens and enhance immunity and gut health
  • Marine fish farming in Japan
    Renato E Kitagima says that private and public alliances can help reduce the use of fishmeal and
    fish oil in feeds

Feed Technology

  • A changing landscape for aquafeed production in Asia
    Swings in aquafeed demand in 2020 and the first half of 2021 as farmers manage the pandemic
    in various ways. By Zuridah Merican
  • Improvement in growth and health performance of juvenile striped catfish
    with the supplementation of functional protein hydrolysates
    This adds to the evidence of robustness obtained with dietary supplementation of such
    Ingredients, say Fabio Soller, Paul Seguin, Mikael Herault, Vincent Fournier, Nguyen Van Trieu
    and Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa
  • Treating monogenean infections in striped catfish
    A suitable dose and regime of a praziquantel suspension can improve survival rate of pangasius,
    say Phuong Do, Phuoc Nguyen, Dung Tu, Philippe Mahl and Hoang Phan
  • Optimisation of feed margins
    Hervé Lucien-Brun says that COVID-19 presents a real crisis for the shrimp industry; it could
    also induce improvements in shrimp farming
  • Innovators in the single cell and novel protein space and replacements for
    fish oils
    Discussions on technology and progress to date at the F3 webinar series in April and May

Industry review -The tilapia

  • Iridovirus in Ghana: A case of partnerships across the globe
    Alain Michel describes the long distance communication to implement a new approach of
    immunotherapy linked with upregulation of anti-stress heat shock proteins
  • The Asian tilapia during the pandemic years
    A recovery after the initial setback for China’s tilapia but low demand persists in certain
  • Tilapia in Vietnam
    Driving growth with local production of fungerlings
  • Some updates on the tilapia lake virus
    With no therapy in sight and pending resilient tilapia breeds, biosecurity is crucial

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