Mar/Apr 2008

  • Shrimp Culture
  • Feed Technology
  • Industry Review
  • Water Systems
  • Focus on Disease and Health Management

Volume 4, Number 2 March/April 2008 MICA (P) 096/10/2007

Shrimp Culture

  • White shrimp at 12.5% of Philippine shrimp production
    The Philippine farmed shrimp industry is back on its feet according to Philip Cruz
  • Time to move on in India
    In this opinion article, Ravi Kumar Yellanki says that the dependence on gravid broodstock is an obstacle to progress of industry

Feed Technology

  • Shrimp and fish larval physiology and larval feed processing techniques
    It is the feed processing techniques, not the formulation which has the bigger impact on the quality of larval diets. By Bernard Devresse
  • Rendered animal protein blend in practical diets for the Siberian sturgeon
    In China, Xue Min and colleagues show how substitution of fish meal with an animal protein blend can reduce feed cost by 21% per unit weight gain
  • A mycotoxin survey in 2007
    Average contamination vary amongst geographical regions and between commodities.

Industry Review

  • Culturing marine finfish in China
    Due to limitations in cage culture in coastal areas, offshore cage-fish culture is now indispensable. By Jianxin Chen

Water Systems

  • Bio Floc Technology- A review of theory and practice
    Among its merits are recycling of protein and savings from feeds. By Yoram Avnimelech

Focus on Disease and Health Management

  • Updates on diseases and health management
    Some recent investigations on emerging viral diseases in shrimp, diseases in finfish and managing shrimp health in Thailand
  • GPMT in Indonesia- investing in the freshwater fish industry
    Denny Indradjaja explains how the group helps to mitigate environmental threats in cage culture. By Zuridah Merican
  • Improving tilapia fry quality in Thailand
    Mannan oligosaccharide improves growth performance and disease resistance of tilapia fry. By Pornpun Yutharaksanukul


  • Highlights of aquaculture practices in Taiwan
    Taiwan is now looking at developing new technologies for a sustainable industry. By I Chiu Liao and Eduardo M. Leaí±o

Show Previews

  • World Aquaculture 2008, 19-23 May, 2008 in Busan, Korea
    A producer session on P. monodon and at the trade show, FBA leads exhibitors from Taiwan

Product News

  • New enrichment feeds for marine hatcheries in Asia

Company News

  • Novus & Nong Lam University, Vietnam, Inve, Biomin, Alltech and ABL
  • Saipan SyAqua as a new supplier of shrimp broodstock for hatcheries in Asia

Show Report

  • India International Seafood Show 2008

Forthcoming Events

  • 6th Philippine Shrimp Congress (PSC 2008), Seventh Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture (DAA VII)