Mar/Apr 2009

  • Marine Shrimp
  • Industry Review - Marine fish in Malaysia
  • Focus on Food Safety
  • Feed Technology
  • Developments

Volume 5, Number 2 March/April 2009 MICA (P) 074/10/2008 ISBN 1793-0561

"AAP celebrates its 5th year in publication with a fresh new cover for 2009! And that's not all - readers can look forward to technological advances, breaking news and trends impacting the industry.We wish one and all the very best for 2009!"

Marine Shrimp

  • The Philippines and the white shrimp
    Wilfredo G. Yap says that more needs to done by public and private sectors to bring shrimp production to 1994 level.

Industry Review - Marine fish in Malaysia

  • Expanding marine fish culture in Malaysia
    Trends, developments and opportunities with sustainable grow out and hatchery production methods by Khoo Eng Wah and Zuridah Merican
  • Live tiger groupers in Penang
    Success with large sized fingerlings at Penshrimp aquaculture in Penang. By Zuridah Merican
  • Breeding the giant grouper and improving brood stock
    At MAFPREC this is the focus after breeding success with eight other marine fish.

Focus on Food Safety

  • "I am what I eat"
    A description of a pilot project carried out by three companies in Vietnam to instill traceability and improve the value of catfish in international markets. By Xavier Bocquillet
  • Fumonisins in fish
    Effects are reduced growth of tilapia and catfish fingerlings and liver lesions. Biotransformation into non toxic products may be the answer by Karin Griessler and Pedro Encarnaí§í£o

Feed Technology

  • Extrusion of floating and sinking aqua feeds with indigenous ingredients
    Changing operational variables in extrusion cooking will allow for the use of a wide range of ingredients. By Joseph P Kearns
  • More than feed production
    In Vietnam, Ocialis wants to be known for its holistic approach for a sustainable industry.
  • Storage control for fish, offal and by-catch
    The use of a blend containing potassium diformate to extend storage. By Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt
  • A new generation of natural aqua feed additives
    Hervé Lucien-Brun looks at how natural essential oils promote growth and health of catfish.


  • Diseases in scampi farming in India
    The immense scope for scampi farming in India is being threatened by diseases. By Partha Bandyopadhyay and Sanjeev Bhambi

Show Preview

  • World Aquaculture 2009
    'Remembering the blue revolution to feed the world' in Veracruz, Mexico to be held from 25-29 May.

Company/Product News

  • Aova Thai, Alltech, Addcon, Shoreline Polychaetes Farms, Biomin, aspirator aerators, bead filters, pond PCR and vibrio detector

Forthcoming events

  • World Fishing Exhibition VIGO'09 and events in 2009