Mar/Apr 2012

  • Nursing white shrimp in cement ponds
  • Fish protein hydrolysates in stress resistance
  • Natural growth promoters for shrimp
  • Holistic approach to managing diseases in cage culture
  • Grouper farming in Philippines and Malaysia

Volume 8, Number 2 March/April 2012 MICA (P) 006/10/2011 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Wake up call for health management


  • Food safety in Bangladesh/Aquaculture trade/Groupers in Asia
  • News in brief

Shrimp Culture

  • Nursing white shrimp in cement ponds to day 55
    In Thailand, Paisal Wongwasna innovates to increase yields with high density nursery rearing. By Soraphat Panakorn

Feed Technology

  • Effects of dietary yeast nucleotides on growth and nonspecific immunity of white shrimp
    Shi Xian-wu, Lv Chi-bo and Wang Guang-jun show that supplementation gave better growth
  • New shrimp feed extruder
    New capabilities for shrimp feed and small diameter aquatic feeds production with this new design
  • An evaluation of a formulated feed for the grouper
    The slow sinking feed with 45.5% crude protein performed well in the laboratory, say Nguyen Van Nguyen, Nguyen Van Hao and Le Xuan Hai
  • Effect of dietary potassium diformate on growth of milkfish
    ADG increased by more than 13% for milkfish cultured in marine cages in the Philippines. By Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt
  • Fish protein hydrolysates on resistance of fish to different types of stress
    These act directly on innate anti-oxidative and immune defences. By Mikaí«l Herault, Vincent Fournier, Magali Hervy and Nguyen Anh Ngoc
  • The microalgae platform
    Keith Filer asks if the future direction of microalgae be in functional nutrition?

Health Management

  • Maintaining health in white shrimp culture
    Prevention of bacterial diseases and improvement in growth with a natural growth promoter. By Angela Riemensperger and Goní§alo Santos
  • Probiotic in trout: effects on growth and gut
    In this trial, Enric Gisbert and Marisol Castillo showed effects on intestinal mucosa and microbiota.
  • Needs for responsible and sustainable cage culture
    Industry in Malaysia examines the needs for a holistic approach to managing diseases and the environment.

Groupers in Asia

  • Green groupers from Mindanao: KGMC in focus
    Lauro Tito C. Ilagan describes the progress of grouper farmers to 200 cage modules and marketing to China.
  • Family based industry in Malaysia
    Opportunity with high prices for tiger and green grouper is hampered by low survival and fingerling shortage. By Zuridah Merican


  • Asian seafood: changing trends
    An active regional trade in seafood in 2011 with China as a major importer, say seafood market experts
  • Food safety monitoring in China
    The monitoring of pathogens and contaminants in aquatic foods in Shandong Province is important to China's food safety program
  • Gourmet tilapia
    Expanding tilapia production in Guangdong province and creating a seafood hub in Zhangjiang City.

Company News

  • Strengthening the aquaculture business in Vietnam
  • Regional experts in Asia Pacific aqua team
  • Purchase of inline analysis systems/Aquafeed innovation awards
  • Breakthrough in bioremediation in pond based aquaculture systems


  • Australasian Aquaculture 2012 - 'The Next Ten Years'
  • Aqua 2012 - Science responds to industry needs
  • Extrusion short course and listing of events