Mar/April 2010

  • Marine Shrimp
  • Feed Technology
  • Industry Review - Marine Fish
  • Focus on Hatchery
  • Culture Technology

Volume 6, Number 2 March/April 2010 MICA (P) 028/10/2009 ISBN 1793-0561

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  • News
    High yield production/ BT shrimp/ India's first contract farming
  • News in brief

Marine Shrimp

  • A key segment in the value chain
    Control on survival rate determines profitability in the business of rearing white shrimp nauplii to post larvae. By Soraphat Panakorn and Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Micro aqua feeds
    Three feed processing experts share their knowledge on production challenges. By Zuridah Merican
  • Larval feeds for marine fish and shrimp larvae
    The complexity in production technologies to meet specifications for larval feeds is discussed. By Sureyya Ozkizilcik
  • Feeds with reduced levels of fish meal for the Pacific white shrimp in Asia
    Using soybean meal in diets did not affect growth performance. By Herbert E. Quintero, Michael C.Cremer, Lukas Manomaitis and D. Allen Davis

Industry Review - Marine Fish

  • Grouper nursing in Aceh, Indonesia
    A technical and economic evaluation shows this as an alternative to shrimp culture. By Ujang Komarudin, Michael A. Rimmer, Islahuttaman, Zaifuddin and Samsul Bahrawi
  • Important diseases of farmed barramundi in Asia
    Characteristics of major diseases, vaccination and management of diseases. By Neil Wendover
  • Safety and efficacy of an injectable form of a Vibrio vaccine
    Primary prophylactic tool for juveniles of the orange-spotted grouper. By John S Clark, Jirasak Tangtrongpiros and Nantarika Chansue

Focus on Hatchery

  • Partnerships to advance hatchery best practices
    Jan Koesling writes on efforts to bring technology from Thailand to advance industry and improve post larvae quality in China.
  • Pangasius catfish seed quality in Vietnam
    Part 1: User and producer perception on broodstock and hatchery production. Results from a project on the status of seed quality to identify emerging problems in the Mekong. By Ben Belton, David C Little and Le Xuan Sinh

Culture Technology

  • Effect of Bacillus S11 on black tiger shrimp larvae
    Preliminary results indicate presence of probiotics in culture water increased survival rate of nauplii to 12 day old post larvae. Wannipa Phianphak, Pissamai Powedchagun and Sirirat Rengpipat


  • Vaccine to control VNN in groupers and sea bass
    In the Philippines, scientists at SEAFDEC showed the potential of the formalininactivated RGNNV vaccine against viral nervous necrosis.

Company/Products News

  • Commitment to aquaculture/ Real-time PCR in shrimp virus detection
  • Recirculation technology / European investments
  • New feed additive/BAP pangasius standards
  • New blending plant in Singapore

Book review

  • Freshwater prawn: Biology and Farming


  • ILDEX Aquaculture 2010
  • Recirculation Workshop at Australasian Aquaculture 2010 & Events listing