Mar/April 2016

  • Strategies to sustain growth in India
  • H2S toxicity – the silent killer
  • Shrimp nursery technology
  • Tilapia in China and India
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Volume 12, Number 2 March/April 2016 MCI (P) 037/10/2015 ISBN 1793 - 056

From the editor

  • Opportunities for aquaculture


  • Aqua India 2016: Stakeholders' participation in shrimp aquaculture

Shrimp Culture

  • Indian shrimp aquaculture : Strategies for sustainable growth
    To achieve projected growth, the shrimp hatchery and farming sector need more discipline and right strategies.
  • Developing preventive feeding strategies to mitigate penaeid shrimp sensitivity to EMS
    The prevention of EMS most likely requires a multi-factorial approach. By Stephane Ralite, Mathieu Castex and Dorothée Gotz.
  • H2S toxicity - the silent killer
    Soraphat Panakorn says it is time farmers realise that mortalities from hydrogen sulphide toxicity override that from other causes.
  • Options for a recovery in shrimp production
    Industry leaders suggest more understanding on EMS and EHP to SPR broodstock, reports Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Biocatalysis with an algae-clay feed additive paves the way for fish meal replacement in diets for the Nile tilapia
    Better growth performance of tilapia with 5% fish meal inclusions. By Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven, Marie Gallissot and Jintasataporn Orapint.
  • Application of mannan oligosaccharides in fish meal and fish oil free diets
    This is to offset the negative impact of soybean meal and soybean oil as replacements. By Keith Filer
  • 2016 Global Feed Survey
    2% increase in global feed tonnage
  • Efficacy of dietary organic acids as an alternative to antibiotics in tilapia farming
    Wing-Keong Ng, Chik-Boon Koh, Nicholas Romano and Siti-Zahrah Abdullah show the beneficial impact of dietary organic acids.

Hatchery & Nursery

  • Shrimp nursery technology: System design and management for cost-effective results
    Part 1. Design considerations. By Craig Browdy, Peter Van Wyk, Chris Stock, Thomas R. Zeigler and Ramir Lee
  • A genesis in Malaysia’s marine fish industry
    A niche for supply of quality grouper juveniles By Zuridah Merican


  • Supporting Asian aquaculture: Part 2
    Presentations on biosecurity from the international scenario to the shrimp pond and EU retailer and consumer concerns at the 2015 DSM aquaculture conference.

Industry Review: Tilapia

  • Certified to win more markets
    China’s tilapia farms enhance their reach to the discerning European markets. By Donna Richardson
  • Tilapia in India
    Preparing for a future demand for fry and fingerlings

Company News

  • New farms in Thailand and a hatchery in Bangladesh/ ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference
  • New group in aqua and animal premix/Supporting aquaculture in India
  • New Aquaculture Research Centre/ 2016 World Nutrition Forum
  • Proven efficacy of clay and seaweed feed additive/New interactive website
  • New feed mill for local production of shrimp feeds/ Bacterial toxin control product

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  • Tradeshow at Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA 2016), April 26-29, Surabaya, Indonesia


  • 11th ISTA at APA 2016
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