March/April 2018

  • A Nursery Business in India
  • Resistance to White Spot in Black Tiger Shrimp
  • Challenges in Marine Fish Culture in Asia
  • A Philippine Mariculture Park Experience
  • Improving Health Management

Volume 14, Number 2 March/April 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Making aquaculture sexy for the next generation


  • India’s farmed shrimp industry soars to new heights

Shrimp Culture

  • A recirculation aquaculture system nursery business in Andhra Pradesh
    Zero water exchange, bio oc and innovations in aeration are the essentials for this nursery business in India.
  • How we alleviated EMS in our farm
    Poh Yong Thong and Mohd Fauzi Salamaun describe collective measures at an R&D farm in Malaysia.
  • AquaIndia 2018: Route to the future
    Experts guide and prepare industry in India for continued growth and market-led production
  • Working towards ‘No more threats’ from WSD in black tiger shrimp farming
    The Shrimp Genetics Centre in Taiwan is on track to produce SPF/SPR shrimp. By Zuridah Merican
  • Industry Review: Marine Fish Culture in Asia
    Addressing challenges in farming marine fish
    Production is increasing but not based on sustainable principles. There are challenges and opportunities according to stakeholders.
  • Philippine mariculture parks: the Panabo City Mariculture Park experience
    Rafael D. Guerrero III describes how polyculture of milk sh, rabbit sh and high value sh ful ll a social objective.

Feed Technology

  • Creating synergies towards better aqua farming
    The path to seek technologies to improve farm ef ciency.
  • Improving health management in aquaculture
    Optimal nutrition is a key element as most prevention measures would be given via feed. By Viviane Verlhac Trichet and Bent Pedersen.
  • How phytobiotics reduce Vibrio counts and alleviate AHPND in white shrimp
    Niti Chuchird, Arunothai Keetanon, Cristina García-Diez, Álvaro Rodríguez Sánchez-Arévalo and Antonio Martínez report on the reduction of Vibrios in the gut to improve survival rates.
  • How to improve the detrimental effects of low fish meal and fish oil diets in sea bream
    The potential of dietary sodium butyrate to reverse such effects in gilthead sea bream. By Cinta Sol and Mónica Puyalto
  • A natural mix of free amino acids enhances shrimp feed intake and growth
    There is a clear potential to improve feed palatability for the white shrimp. By Guillaume Le Reste, Pierrick Kersanté and Luxsanawadee Soonngam


  • New directions with the black tiger shrimp
    Return to black tiger shrimp in Malaysia and in Bangladesh, a new push with the availability SPF broodstock.
  • Mini symposium on shrimp biotechnology
    Passing the baton to Gen X and millennials in Taiwan.

Company News & Events

  • Life achievement award/JV for EPA & DHA from natural marine algae
  • New GM at Diana Aqua/ ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference
  • Commitment to aquaculture in India and Myanmar
  • Planting a tree to start off integration/ expansion at Nutriad
  • Tilapia forum to help sector achieve its full global potential
  • Offshore Mariculture Asia 2018 VICTAM Asia 2018

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  • Aqua 2018
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