March/April 2020

  • First with Milkfish in Malaysia
  • Multi-Enzymes in Tilapia and Catfish Diets
  • Marketing Strategies for Philippines and Indian Shrimp
  • Updates on EHP

Volume 16, Number 2 March/April 2020 MCI (P) 010/10/2019 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Building alliances to improve productivity


  • Record shrimp production from India
  • Merger creates largest fully integrated barramundi enterprise

Shrimp Culture

  • The changing face of India‚Äôs shrimp aquaculture
    Dealing with disease threats and moving forward at Aqua India 2020
  • It is not just about exporting seafood
    Although export volumes are up, MPEDA needs to address challenges in ensuring quality seafood from India and to diversify its seafood basket, says Chairman K S Srinivas.
  • Understanding the Artemia
    Biology, characteristics and processing technologies

Industry Review-Marine Fish

  • Diversification into finfish aquaculture in India
    MAC is a business model to push farming of alternative species in India. By Zuridah Merican
  • Spearheading research in marine aquaculture in the region
    Fast growing Asian seabass has reached commercialisation and RAS can be used to control hatchery environments to prevent big belly disease.
  • First in milkfish farming in Malaysia
    Usaha Fadzilat next looks at creating appetites for this novel fish among Malaysian consumers.

Feed Technology

  • L-selenomethionine: A powerful antioxidant for commercial fish culture
    Trials with tilapia in Thailand showed increased performance and high protection against pathogenic pressure. By Brecht Bruneel
  • Better growth performance with a multi-enzyme supplementation
    Rutchanee Chotikachinda, Viviane Verlhac Trichet and Fidelis Fru say this allows for complete fishmeal replacement in diets for red tilapia and walking catfish
  • Effect of a nutraceutical formulation on larval and juvenile stages of white leg shrimp
    A faster metamorphosis from zoea-2 to PL11 and a better growth performance from PL12 to PL42 was achieved. By Phuong Viet Do, Tao Tai Chau, Audric Touchet, Gaetan Gutter, Philippe Mahl and Hoang Phan

Disease & Health Management

  • Disease control by hyperthermia with non-lethal heat shock
    The target is to boost the innate immunity and memory system of organisms to do the job of maintaining their homeostasis, says Alain Michel.
  • Updates on EHP
    A discussion on recent knowledge and some practical solutions, presented at the Infofish Shrimp 2019 conference.
  • Bioengineered capture proteins for easy-to-interpret detection of disease targets
  • Oral vaccines platform against Streptococcus in the tilapia


  • Marketing Philippines shrimp globally
    Some perspectives to market shrimp by Chingling Tanco at the 12th Philippines Shrimp Congress 2019


  • Giant Prawn 2019
    Bringing up giant freshwater prawn production in Asia to new levels with biotechnology and genomics.