March/April 2021

  • Managing Tilapia Lake Virus
  • Red Preferred by China's Shrimp Consumers
  • Solutions for AHPND and EHP
  • Ectoparasites in Marine Fish
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From the editor

  • What does sustainability mean for aquafeeds


  • New research in microbial management/ASC launches consultations

Shrimp Culture

  • Data sharing for disease management in shrimp farming: More to gain
    The real value is when all segments of the supply chain work together to support swift action. By
    Pau Badia Grimalt and Anton Immink
  • Artemia decapsulation: Transitioning from tradition
    A more efficient and sustainable method to increase quality and survival of harvested nauplii.

Disease Management

  • Study confirms that a broad spectrum aquatic disinfectant is highly effective
    against tilapia lake virus
    Biosecurity and disinfectants work to reduce occurrence and severity of the virus, say Win
    Surachetpong and Tanja Gerhar
  • Infection of chalimus stages of caligid copepods in the buccal cavity of
    cultured hybrid grouper
    Leong Tak Seng surveyed ectoparasites in crimson snappers and hybrid groupers in a cage farm
    in Malaysia.
  • Tilapia lake virus: Clinical signs, disease diagnosis and prevention
    Raanan Ariav says understanding the role of different transmission vectors and how to regulate
    them is crucial.

Feed Technology

  • Effects of dose variation of an exogenous enzyme complex in diets for
    hybrid red tilapia
    A higher dose supplemented into diets enhanced health and growth, say Phuong Do, Liem T.
    Pham, Tu L.C. Tran, Hien T.T. Tran, Philippe Mahl and Hoang Phan
  • Inhibitory capacity of a microbial enhanced protein against Vibrio spp. in
    Pacific white shrimp
    There is a protective effect against the Vibrio species associated with AHPND. By Darwin
    Zambrano and Sergio F. Nates
  • 2020 – Watershed year for alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil
    Kevin Fitzsimmons discusses novel alternative ingredients to effectively displace the high cost
    fishmeal and oil in aquafeeds.
  • Hepatic health–A key challenge in aquaculture
    Álvaro Rodríguez explains how optimal fish liver conditions assure growth performance and
    farm profitability.
  • A new feed prophylactic to improve resistance of white shrimp post larvae
    against EHP
    Stephane Frouel, Julie Castier, Maxime Hugonin and Thomas Pierrot report on a promising
    prophylactic application during EHP outbreaks in white shrimp.


  • Evaluating retail consumer behaviour and shrimp purchases in China
    There is a preference for live and darker in colour shrimp, relating these traits to freshness,
    better quality and health. By Thiago Soligo, Chiow Yen Liew, Daranee Seguin, Eduardo
    Yamashita and Darryl Jory
  • Sustainable aquaculture: What does it mean?
    Safe products for human nutrition and global food security are crucial for an inclusive social,
    environmental, and economic sustainability, says Benedict Standen.

Industry Review - Marine Fish

  • Hybrid grouper farming: Manoeuvring colossal lows in demand in 2020
    A year-long impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the demand of live fish required strategic
    changes at a farm.
  • Managing ectoparasites in farmed marine fish
    What is known of the life cycle of major sea lice, skin flukes and leeches and how to manage
  • Integrated cage-cum-pond culture of Indian pompano
    A high density multi-species fish culture approach. By Sekar Megarajan, Ritesh Ranjan, Biji
    Xavier, Ponnaganti Shiva, Shubhadeep Ghosh and Boby Ignatius

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