March/April 2022

  • Beyond the Shrimp Hatchery
  • More on White Faeces Syndrome
  • IPRS for Marine Fish and Tilapia
  • Insights on Mycotoxins in 2021

From the editor

  • Seafood Demand vs Supply Outlook. Jump-on the aquaculture band wagon!

Industry News

  • Rise in wheat prices/Sustainable and productive aquaculture in Singapore

Shrimp Culture

  • Beyond the hatchery
    Dean M. Akiyama discusses managing post larvae for successful shrimp pond production

Disease Management

  • Tilapia vaccines – new developments and new market approaches
    Vaccination in the tilapia industry is a complex process, evolving through multiple strategic
    approaches, says Roberto Cascione
  • Synergistic approach for challenging shrimp farming conditions
    A multi-component immunostimulant enhanced growth performance, survival and immune
    parameters in post larvae and juvenile shrimp. By Niti Chuchird, Chiow-Yen Liew, Daranee
    Seguin and Rutchanee Chotikachinda
  • White faeces syndrome: Latest understanding and preventive measures
    Factors triggering WFS remain unclear, but Sophie Reys and Pierre Fortin describe some actions
    which can be taken to reduce severe impacts and losses from this syndrome

Feed Technology

  • Early-stage nutrition impacts all lifelong performances
    Delphine Weissman explains how maximising fish growth and profit starts with the quality of
    early nutrition
  • The gut health revolution with fish meal substitution
    Marta Arredondo and José A. Oroz review the new trend with functional diets
  • The beneficial effects of including L-selenomethionine in fish and shrimp
    diets on health and performance
    The effectiveness of organic selenium during the production cycle includes enhanced fish
    immunity and decreased environmental load. By Matthijs de Jong
  • Balancing aquaculture production and consumption
    The 26th DSM aquaculture conference Asia Pacific discussed innovations and applications to
    manage external factors and support aquaculture growth
  • 2022 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook
    World feed production increased by 2.3% to 1.24 billion tonnes and aquafeed production grew
  • New insights on mycotoxins occurrences in 2021 and their impact
    The latest World Mycotoxin Report Impact 2022 shows that risks of mycotoxins in 2021 remain
    unabated and in most cases they have increased

Industry Review

  • IPRS for marine fish and tilapia
    The potential to increase production capacity in marine and brackishwater environments
  • An update on the marine ecosystem landscape
    Masahiko Yamada talks to AAP on industry’s uptake of Umitron’s innovations
  • A game-changer for Asia’s high value marine fish segment
    Global retail demand for alternative whitefish could favour marine fish from Asia.
    By Zuridah Merican
  • Genetic diversity gets a big boost from breeding programmes for more
  • How ROV implementation is reducing the reliance on costly divers in

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