May/June 2005

  • From the Editor : Food Safety- Seek and amend the weakest link
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Issue (May/June 2005)
From the Editor : Food Safety- Seek and amend the weakest link
Focus: Marine Fish Culture

  • A new business concept in marine fish farming :
    Singapore's Swee Chioh Aquaculture Holdings is introducing an integrated approach to modernize the industry in the region.
  • Mesocosm technology advances grouper culture :
    An Australian group is using this protocol to produce fingerlings of two grouper species with difficult early life stages. By Elizabeth Cox, Peter Fry, Anjanette Johnston.
  • Lagging behind in marine cage culture. :
    The use of trash fish undermines the future sustainability of the industry.

Food Safety

  • From farm to table :
    As markets demand that food should not just be safe to eat but production systems are based on a respect for the environment, producing countries have put in place certification programs. DOF's Siri Tookwinas explains the holistic approach in Thailand's shrimp industry.


  • Disease prevention measures in coastal aquaculture: Part 1
    Experiences from Thailand on farm level disease control and prevention measures by Pornlerd Chanratchakool.

Fish Meal

  • Quality criteria for fishmeal in fish and shrimp feeds :
    Ian Pike discusses fish meal quality and the methods of checking processing and handling procedures.


  • Seed production of the giant freshwater prawn :
    Success with a backyard hatchery in India by S. T. Indulkar, S. G. Belsare and P. C. Raje.


  • Malaysia legalizes white shrimp culture-The culture of this species may start from 1 May 2005.
  • Indian society reviews shrimp and scampi farming-Stakeholders in shrimp and scampi farming in India discuss challenges facing the industry.
  • Updates on brackishwater tilapia in the Philippines-Rafael D. Guerrero III presents work focused on the further improvement of tilapia hybrids with high salt-tolerance, fast growth and good survival.


  • At Asian Aquafeeds 2005, expanding markets are driving nutrition to the next level.
  • Lab Inter promotes “Green feed to Food …Challenge of the Industry” to celebrate its 12th anniversary.
  • Aquaculture at VIV Asia 2005. The fast expanding aquaculture industry in Asia attracted feed ingredients and additives suppliers.