May/June 2006

  • Issue Focus: Food safety in Asian aquaculture
  • Industry Review
  • Culture Management
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Volume 2 Number 3 May/June 2006 MICA(P ) 094/10/2005
Issue Focus: Food safety in Asian aquaculture

  • The impact of EU food safety rules on the future of Asian aquaculture
    A shift in focus from dealing with outbreaks to preventing disease occurrences at each point in the production chain. By John Sweetman
  • Thailand's road map from quality to traceability
    Niwat Sutemechaikul, Deputy Director General, DoF, explains the road map to traceability that has given its shrimp exports a lead over those from other Asian countries
  • A report on HACCP certification for two mills in Vietnam

Industry Review

  • Fresh water fish culture in Vietnam for the global white fish market
    Current issues arising from the rapid expansion of catfish farming since 2000, are declining prices, food safety and market barriers. By Le Thanh Hung and Zuridah Merican
  • Producing 'clean' catfish profitably
    Pho Van Lieu, a catfish farmer in Long Xuyen plans for steady and higher prices for his pellet fed catfish. By Zuridah Merican
  • Culture Management
    Challenges for sustainability in aquaculture for China's Guangdong Province
    The negative consequences from the rapid growth require measures to mantain sustainability. By Chen Wen
  • Managing water quality and fish health with probiotics
    Microbial technology for healthy pond environments and optimal productivity. By Gordon Motherwell


  • Farming of the yellow puffer fish in Korea
    Land based culture from commercially produced fry is now possible. By Ng Chee Kiat
  • Culturing spotted sea snails in disused shrimp ponds
    Research on mass production of juveniles and grow out in disused shrimp ponds in Chanthaburi, Thailand


  • How to fast track the grouper culture business
    Four industry players give their views on what is holding back the industry. By Iffa Suraiya
  • Quality issues in marketing white shrimp Penaeus vannamei to European markets
    Quality specifications are high for head-on shellon (HOSO) white shrimp in France and Spain. In this two part article, the authors discuss how producers can meet these specifications. Part 1: Influence of farming methods by Hervé Lucien-Brun and Frédéric Vidal

Feed Technology

  • Shrimp pigmentation with natural carotenoids
    The use of a natural alfalfa concentrate in finisher feed on pigmentation in shrimp. By Hervé Lucien-Brun and Frédéric Vidal
  • Using peas in tilapia feed formulations
    Feed pea can act as a plant protein substitute in fish feeds without affecting growth performance. By Howard Hill and Timothy Welsh

Conference Report

  • AQUA INDIA 2006-Challenges ahead for aquaculture in India
    A debate on the culture of P. vannamei in India to new culture species at this annual event
  • 'Optimize for Profit’ aquafeed workshop
    A look at formulations and ingredients at this workshop held in conjunction with Victam Asia 2006 in Bangkok

Show Report

  • Processing technology at Victam Asia 2006
    The who’s who in feed manufacturing equipment at Victam Asia 2006 held in Bangkok from March 8-10


  • Black and white in Malaysia
    The industry is moving quickly with the culture of Penaeus vannamei after the ban was lifted in May 2005
  • Thailand goes to WTO
    Thailand has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over US antidumping tariffs on shrimp exports
  • First with grouper feeds in Vietnam
    After successful R&D, Uni President Vietnam is ready to produce and market the feeds in Vietnam
  • Symposium on cage culture in Asia (CAA2)
    What to expect on disease updates at this coming meeting

Company News

  • Inteqc Feeds marked its diversification into fish feeds

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