May/June 2007

  • Organic Aquaculture
  • Shrimp Culture
  • Probiotics
  • Tilapia in Asia
  • Feed Technology

Volume 3, Number 3 May/June 2007 MICA (P) 099/10/2006

Organic Aquaculture

  • Thailand’s road map for certified organic black tiger shrimp production
    The Department of Fisheries plans to increase production to 2,730 tonnes of organic black tiger shrimp in 2008. By Lila Ruangpan

Shrimp Culture

  • Black tiger shrimp in India
    In Tamil Nadu, expansion is limited by environmental constraints and on its future sustainability. By Zuridah Merican
  • Thailand’s shrimp revolution
    James Wyban describes the key factors that drove this revolution in shrimp farming in Thailand.
  • Interview: Raising the bar
    Through High Health Thailand, James Wyban will bring up the quality of Thai shrimp to be the best in the industry. By Zuridah Merican


  • Improving gut health and performance in fish/shrimp
    How natural growth promoters can be used in modulating interactions with the environment and the development of beneficial immune responses. By Pedro Encarnaí§í£o
  • Tilapia in Asia
    Future challenges and strategies for a sustainable tilapia industry
    As the trend will be to intensify culture, fish health management will play a larger role. By Neil Wendover, Brian Sheehan and Cedric Komar
  • Tilapia - positive social impact as popularity grows
    Tilapia’s role in improving rural food security. By David Little
  • Marine cage culture of Tilapia
    At Kwee Siong Fish Farm, tilapia is cultured in long net cages in the coastal waters off the North coast of Singapore.
  • The genetic development of the tilapia
    Eric Roderick describes the various breeds of tilapia under culture
  • Tilapia 2007 Kuala Lumpur
    To be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 23-25 August 2007, this follows the first comprehensive conference on tilapia in 2001.

Feed Technology

  • Effects of palm oil-based diets on fillet composition of red hybrid tilapia
    A 100% substitution of marine fish oils with palm oil lipids did not significantly influence growth performance and yields. By Osan Maroof Bahurmiz and Wing-Keong Ng


  • Asian seabass culture in India
    RGCA to diversify aquaculture in India


  • Marketing seafood for India’s tomorrow
    PK Ramachandran, President of The Waterbase Ltd explains the moves in the seafood retail business of the company

Show Preview

  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2007
    To be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, there will a special producer program as well as a comprehensive technical program. A preview of some exhibitors is included.

Show Reviews

  • World Aquaculture 2007, San Antonio, Texas, USA
    Research supporting 'science for sustainable aquaculture'
  • VIV Asia 07
    First with a focus on Aquaculture in Asia


  • MOU for organic aquaculture in Malaysia
    Four farms to participate in this Infofish/CFC program
  • CATFISH 2007 Vietnam
    A forum on the latest in the global catfish industry to be held from 13-15 June, 2007, Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam


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