May/June 2009

  • Marine Shrimp
  • Health Management
  • Feed Technology
  • Industry Review- Catfish in Asia
  • Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture

Volume 5, Number 3 May/June 2009 MICA (P) 074/10/2008 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • The end of road for BT shrimp?


  • Barramundi from Malaysia, organic shrimp, Pangasius in Indonesia
  • News in brief

Marine Shrimp

  • Choosing vannamei shrimp
    A shift to vannamei shrimp farming assures continuity in Bagan Lallang, Malaysia. By Zuridah Merican and Khoo Eng Wah
  • Biofloc technology in shrimp nursery systems in India
    This reduces feed and fi ltration costs in recirculated systems, says Anil Ghanekar
  • Semi intensive monodon shimp culture in Vietnam
    A key success for consistent and sustainable shrimp farming is quality and disease free post larvae.

Feed Technology

  • A feed is only as good as its ingredients
    Brett Glencross looks at optimising ingredient evaluation technology for aquaculture diets. Part 1: Ingredient characterisation and digestibility
  • Yeast as immune-modulating agents in aquaculture: background and in vitro evaluation
    By Anja Ganner and Pedro Encarnaí§í£o

Industry Review- Catfish in Asia

  • Industry analyses tra and other catfi sh farming
    In December 2008, industry and researchers discussed production, seed production, threats from diseases and the future of catfish culture vis-í -vis environmental concerns. By Zuridah Merican
  • The catfish in India and China
    These are Pangasiids in India; Ictaluriids and Siluriids in China.

Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Innovations for sustainability of seafood supply
    Jan Koesling looks at the innovations in aquatic health and culture management to ensure long term sustainable production in Asia.
  • Aqua probiotic products for both shrimp and fish.
    These help to alleviate problems with changing environmental conditions. By Angelito O. Abaoag and Seah Choon Meng

Health Management

  • Host-targeted antibody has positive impact on tilapia survival and performance
    A novel approach directly tackles the problem of excess gut infl ammation. By Carrie L Cook, John S Clark, Kyle Montgomery and M. D. Yang
  • Organic selenium in stress and disease management
    Field trials show how selenium may be a tool to overcome viral infections in marine shrimp. By Shery Kurian and Chris King


  • Intensive farming of the goby fish in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    The potential of the euryhaline goby fi sh in alternate culture with marine shrimp. By Tran Ngoc Hai, Nguyen Thanh Phuong and Nguyen Tan Nhon

Company news

  • Inve NutriAd
    Nutreco ‘s forum at VIV Asia 2009

Show reviews

  • Aqua seminars, Novus, Biomin and Delacon at Aqua VIVAsia 2009, 11-13 March, Bangkok
    Aqua India 2008 focused on new technologies and initiatives, 16-17 February, Chennai

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  • Asian Pacifi c Aquaculture 2009 and events in 2009