May/June 2010

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  • Feed Technology
  • Industry Review - Catfish
  • Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Marketing

Volume 6, Number 3 May/June 2010 MICA (P) 028/10/2009 ISBN 1793-0561

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    7th Shrimp congress in the Philippines/First Global GAP for catfish
  • News in brief

Marine Shrimp

  • Catch 22 in vannamei shrimp marketing
    Industry in the Philippines agrees that in the long term, high prices are not sustainable and production costs need to be competitive to access international markets. A report by Zuridah Merican.

Feed Technology

  • Replacement of fishmeal and marine proteins in practical diets for Pacific white shrimp using terrestrial land animal proteins
    Growth of shrimp was not affected by diets containing poultry by-product meal and soybean meal. By Albert G.J. Tacon, Edi Wahyu Cahyono, Uus Sugema, Choiruz Zaudjat and Sergio Nates.
  • Extruded feeds to improve culture efficiency
    Uno feeds opened India's second extrusion fish feed plant 2008 mainly to bring changes to pangasius farming in India, says Narasimha Rao in this interview.

Industry Review -Catfish

  • Improving health status and growth performance in Pangasius catfish in Vietnam
    Le Thanh Hung , Tran Thi Nga, Dao Thi Thu Hang Nguyen Huu Thinh describe the benefits of a multifunctional additive in feed.
  • Pangasius catfish seed quality in Vietnam
    Part 2: User and producer perceptions of quality in nursery and grow-out farms Management and external environmental parameters determine performance and quality of seed. By Ben Belton, David C Little and Le Xuan Sinh.
  • Phytogenics in aquatic species: A new tool to improve performance
    Essential oils also show prophylactic and therapeutic effects in red tilapia, tra catfish and vannamei shrimp. By Pedro Encarnacao.

Focus on Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Impact, environment and standards
    Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue standards: Changing the public perception on farmed shrimp will show consumers that industry can deal with these issues.
  • The future of aquaculture with Aquaculture Dialogue Standards
    An industry and NGO partnership to create standards acceptable to all, says Jose Villalon, WWF.


  • Preventing 'blackspot' in shrimp and prawns
    John Davis describes a safer and more effective alternative to sodium metabisulphite.

Company/Products News

  • New plant for functional hydrolysates in Thailand
  • Sixth fish feed extrusion mill in India
  • A better deal with krill meal in shrimp feeds
  • Brand recognition/Aquatic Asia 2011
  • Sustainable Biofuels award/First for this RAS system in Singapore
  • Aquavision 2010/Carotenoidenriched Artemia in Australia
  • Aquaculture insurance

Show Reviews

  • Victam Asia 2010, FIAAP and Grapas 2010, Bangkok, Thailand
  • World Aquaculture 2010, San Diego, USA.


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