May/June 2017

  • Aqua Feeds in Asia: A varied growth in 2016
  • Optimising shrimp pond management
  • Living with pathogens
  • Extrusion: output & environment
  • A better environment with feed enzymes
  • A milestone with snakeheads in India

Volume 13, Number 3 May/June 2017 MCI (P) 013/10/2016 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Complacency slows development


  • Reviving giant prawn farming in Asia

Shrimp Culture

  • More innovations in shrimp farming
    Poh Yong Thong describes three innovations developed at farms in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Optimising shrimp pond management with bioremediation
    The enhancement of soil and water quality with the best microbial candidates lead to an improvement in shrimp growth, say Stephane Ralite, Eric Leclercq, Slyvie Roquefeuil and Mathieu Castex
  • Is 100% replacement of Artemia possible?
    Part 2: Craig Browdy, Peter Van Wyk, Chris Stock, M.S. Diego Flores and Murthy Chennamsett describe the commercial results of using synthetic Artemia in hatcheries and ponds
  • Sustainable and Responsible Aquaculture
    The polychaete solution: the new gold standard
    Using worms as the protein base in aquaculture feeds is smart and sustainable. By OddGeir Oddsen
  • Pathogen control in aquaculture
    Alain Michel describes the path to the “Jukung Way”, living with pathogens instead of trying to exterminate them
  • Industry Review - Aqua Feeds in Asia
  • A varied growth in 2016
    Higher volumes of shrimp feed as farms have better control on disease. By Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Extrusion and the movement towards environmentally clean aqua feeds
    Advances follow the desires of industry on an environmental basis as well as higher output targets, say Joe Kearns
  • Benefits of feed enzymes for sustainability and responsible aquaculture
    The way to deal with excessive waterborne phosphorus and free nitrogen in aquaculture. By Thomas Wilson
  • A milestone: snakehead fish culture using extruded feed in India
    A partnership scores a first in India along the snakehead supply chain. By Zhang Taoping, Xiao Haidong, Narasimha Rao Tatavarthy, Dong Qiufen, Zhang Song and Yang Yong

Show Review

  • Aquaculture at VIV Asia 2017
  • Supplying shrimp and giant prawn farmers
  • Nutritional way to challenge disease
  • Asian launch of the probiotic portfolio/Balanced immunity
  • Sharing insights on feed additives
  • Company News & Events
    First in Indonesia with extruded shrimp feeds
  • Launch of shrimp feed
  • New aqua feed line in Vietnam
  • Series D funding/ Memphis feed production facility
  • New feed factory in Australia/JV for omega-3 fatty acids
  • Danish aqua feed producer enters the African market
  • Launch of FVG Asia 2018
  • TARS 2017: Growth Strategies for Asia’s Finfish Aquaculture