May/June 2018

  • Aquafeeds in Asia in 2017
  • Ecuador's shrimp farming industry
  • Managing shrimp moulting
  • A responsibility to be sustainable
  • Immunomodulatory effects of ß-glucans

Volume 14, Number 3 May/June 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Shrimp Aquaculture: Need for Change


  • Rise of marine biotechnology in aquaculture

Shrimp Culture

  • Ecuadorian shrimp farming: From failure to success
    Success came with domestication and selection for robustness in the hatchery. By Herve Lucien-Brun
  • A successful shrimp nursery management at the BC farm in Thailand
    The nursery design, rearing and transfer protocol was fine-tuned over 3 years. By Saran Kayankarnnavee and Olivier Decamp
  • Managing shrimp moulting
    Understanding the interactions of minerals and roles of pH, dissolved oxygen and water quality is crucial. By Soraphat Panakorn
  • Industry Review: Aquafeeds
    Aquafeeds in Asia: More players less demand in 2017
    Zuridah Merican reviews trends and developments in 2017.
  • 2018 Alltech Global Feed Survey
    Aquafeeds accounted for 4% of global feed production.

Feed Technology

  • Krill: a cost-effective replacement for fish meal in shrimp diets
    Dr Alberto J.P. Nunes, is still discovering new ways where krill meal can be beneficial to the growth of vannamei shrimp.
  • íŸ-glucans: immunomodulatory effects and mortality control
    Melina Bonato says that supplementation at the early growth stage of fish modulates the immune system response to infections.
  • Better fundamentals and practices in fish and shrimp nutrition
    Martin Guerin reports on the Key Topics in Aquaculture Nutrition conference in India.

Responsible & Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Aquaculture has a responsibility to be sustainable
    Thomas Wilson says that this starts with reduction in carbon and water footprint, better utilisation of feeds to replacement of fish oils to meet consumer demands for the right LC-PUFAs profile in seafood.
  • Largemouth bass farming in China
    An overview of the farming and challenges with feed and disease management, by Xiaoxi Luo
  • Stakeholder collaboration between Europe and Southeast Asia to advance aquaculture
    David Little, Patrick Sorgeloos and David Basset explain the new look of EURASTIP and how industry collaborate for stronger commercial partnerships.


  • Look to markets in Asia
    PLocal markets are the bigger consumers of Asian farmed fish.


  • Genetics and breeding in Chinese aquaculture
    The special issue published in JWAS in 2018 summarises the progress made in China.

Company News & Events

  • New premium larval fish diet/research consortium on personalized nutrition
  • Protease in aquafeeds
  • Show Review: VICTAM ASIA 2018
  • Scientific session on functional feed additives at APA 2018
  • New aquaculture business unit
  • Upgrading, transformation and feed development
  • 2018 Shrimp Pathology Short Course

Show previews

  • AQUA 2018 / Aquaculture in Occitanie, France
  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2019
  • TARS 2018: Shrimp Aquaculture