May/June 2020

  • COVID-19: Aquafeed Front
  • Revisiting Vibriosis in Shrimp Aquaculture
  • Selective Breeding of Tilapia in Thailand
  • Krill Meal in Juvenile Olive Flounder

Volume 16, Number 3 May/June 2020 MCI (P) 010/10/2019 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Shifting dynamics and supply chain uncertainties


  • COVID-19: Changing norms of seafood consumption and aquaculture
  • The 2020 aquafeed market

Shrimp Culture

  • Revival of the monodon shrimp with high health post larvae
    The bottom line is disease-free wild broodstock
  • Revisiting vibriosis in shrimp aquaculture
    Anwar Hasan gives an insight into the opportunistic and ubiquitous Vibrio spp.


  • Long-term selective breeding of the tilapia in Thailand
    Manit Genetics has produced over 13 generations the SuperBlack and SuperRed tilapia. By Amorn Leungnaruemitchai, Wasana Suebsong, Danai Somjai, Kannikar Nimnual and Marissa Dee
  • Good news for crab farmers
    Simple tweaks at SEAFDEC/AQD can double crablet production. By Joesyl Marie de la Cruz
  • New study shows positive effects of krill meal supplementation in juvenile olive flounder diets
    Dr Tibiabin Benitez-Santana discusses the recent findings from the 12-week Jeju National University study

Industry Review

  • Aquafeeds in 2019: Pulled by market demand
    Increased feed volumes across species and countries in combination with more investments in supporting farmers. By Zuridah Merican
  • A fish meal market update
    With the Covid-19 lockdown in Peru, the situation with fish meal stocks up to May has radically changed. By Jean-François Mittaine
  • Aquafeeds in China amid a changing aquaculture landscape in 2019
  • 2019: How aquaculture fuelled the best year for the aquafeed industry in India
    Uncertainties and losses with lockdown measures are expected to lower 2020 demand by 25-30%, says Ajaya Baskar
  • New generation DDGS for Southeast Asia’s aquafeed markets
    DDGS is evolving with higher levels of consistency, higher protein and lower fat

Fish Culture

  • Dietary mannan oligosaccharide as a tool against AHPND
    Improved survival and resistance against V. parahaemolyticus with less histopathological damage to the hepatopancreas. By Joao Fernando Albers Koch, Nadira Afina Ismail, Kok-Onn Kwong and Wing-Keong Ng
  • Organic acids - synergy at work to prevent vibriosis and promote growth in shrimp
    By Waldo G. Nuez-Ortin, Maria Merce Isern-Subich and Martin Guerin
  • Insight into Chinese mitten crab farming
    Xiao Haidong, Zeng Ji and Dong Qiufen describes how hatchery and farming technology led to 850,000 tonnes of production and 500,000 tonnes per year of commercial feeds in 2019