May/June 2021

  • Non-ablation of female vannamei broodstock
  • White paper on India’s farmed shrimp sector
  • Total solutions for snakehead farmers in Vietnam
  • Advances in fish meal and fish oil replacements

From the editor

  • A looming aquafeed crisis?


  • Repositioning Indonesian aquaculture up to 2024 / Optimism with pangasius
    exports in Vietnam/JWAS Editor's choice

Shrimp Culture

  • Changing the farming model
    Hetal Shantila Patel changed to a four-step water treatment process, frequent sludge removal
    and a 2-phase nursery system for better production at this farm in Gujarat

Hatchery Technology

  • Non-ablation of female Penaeus vannamei broodstock improves offspring
    robustness to AHPND and WSD
    Ablation can also carry hidden negative costs, say Simão Zacarias, Daniel Fegan, Siriroj
    Wangsoontorn, Nitrada Yamuen, Tarinee Limakom, Andrew Davie, Stefano Carboni, Matthijs
    Metselaar, David C. Little and Andrew P. Shinn
    Demand and Supply Equilibrium
  • India’s farmed shrimp sector in 2020: A White Paper
    The Society of Aquaculture Professionals has outlined actions for a sustainable growth to 2024
  • The game changer in Singapore’s marine fish farming sector
    An integrated closed containment farm leads in Singapore’s food security drive


  • Local focus and research alliances to make a difference
    According to Alltech’s aquaculture team, to fulfil their sustainability initiatives, they need to
    work with customers, governments and stakeholders
    Industry review: Aquafeeds in Asia
  • Is a crisis in the works for Asia’s aquafeed players?
    Zuridah Merican says that in 2020 feedmillers supported farmers managing volatility in demand
    for fish and shrimp but in early 2021 doubts are on achieving a profitable feed business
  • Smart demand feeders and financing for bulk feed purchase to fish


  • The progress of startup eFishery as it moves along the aquaculture supply chain
    Global Feed Survey 2021
    Globally, feed tonnage increased by 1% to 1.187 billion tonnes in 2020
  • Feed and total solutions for snakehead fish farmers in Vietnam
    The demand is for cost effective high protein feeds for fast growth and health solutions to
    overcome skeletal deformities and fatty liver. By Haibin Hu

Feed Technology

  • Lyso-phospholipid supplementation to replace lecithin and improve
    growth performance in Pacific white shrimp
    Yu-Hung Lin, Marleen Dehasque and Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín show that a low inclusion of a strong
    emulsifier can replace a higher inclusion of a weak emulsifier to maintain lipid digestion and
  • Zearalanone in aquatic species
    Problems surface with contamination in fish and shrimp diets, says Roy Rosen
  • New insect derived ingredient can drive performance and boost health in
    shrimp aquaculture systems
    This is by using the intrinsic benefits of insects, say Andrew Richardson and Maye Walraven
  • Origins of lysed yeasts –Benchmarking for shrimp performance
    Holger Kühlwein and Pradeep P. J compare the effects of dietary autolysed and hydrolysed
    yeast products on growth performance of juvenile white leg shrimp
  • Advances in fish meal and fish oil replacements
    Producers of insect protein and soy based raw materials have their say at the F3 webinar series