May/June 2023

  • Achieving Successful Shrimp Crops in Vietnam
  • Navigating the Challenges of Responsible Aquaculture
  • Rising Costs of Shrimp Production
  • Operculum Deformity in Asian Seabass Fingerlings

From the editor

  • Shrimp Aquaculture: Outlook, Challenges & Sustainability

Industry News

  • DSM is now dsm-firmenich
  • VietShrimp 2023: Call to reduce production cost to be competitive

Shrimp Aquaculture

  • Rising costs of production
    Zuridah Merican shows the changes in cost of production for vannamei shrimp since 2021
  • Raising productivity
    At VietShrimp 2023, a model to increase shrimp output at a lower cost
  • Bioremediation for profitable vannamei shrimp farming
    A small investment on probiotics results in lower cost of production, say B. Ravikumar, Loc
    Tran, Gnana Sri, Uma Maheswararao and Ramesh Arj
  • How to achieve successful shrimp crops in Vietnam
    In Soc Trang farmer Anh Tai has achieved target harvest sizes by keeping to pond carrying
    capacity. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review– Aquafeed production

  • Aquafeeds in 2022: Margins under pressure
    For the feed miller, there is uncertainty with instability on costs of feed ingredients and feed
    demand as farmers encounter challenges in farming and lower ex-farm prices

Feed Technology

  • Nucleotides, a tool to enhance performance, profitability and disease resistance in
    Pacific white shrimp
    In commercial trials in Indonesia, nucleotides were added to shrimp diets where fishmeal was
    partially replaced with soybean meal, by Samuel Correa
  • Efficacy of a phytobiotic-based additive to reduce the severity of EHP-WFS
    outbreaks in field conditions
    I-Tung Chen, Martha Mamora, Maria Mercè Isern-Subich and Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín describe
    a series of field trials in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and China, to reduce severity of WFS and
    EHP infections.

Responsible and Sustainable Aquaculture

  • The future of aquaculture
    Achieving sustainability is through innovation and collaboration, says Henry Wong
  • Navigating the challenges of responsible aquaculture in 2023
    The challenges are complex and require awareness and support from companies, operations
    and stakeholders, says Xaviere Lagadec
  • The Shrimp Improvement Project in Banyuwangi secures support for roadmap
    This includes community action on wastewater and disease management, certification and
    access to finance and technology. By Anton Immink, Dane Klinger, Shantika Sastraprawira,
    Garrett Goto, Kenidas Luckman, Deddy Poerba and Fani Faisol
  • A practical approach to aquatic animal welfare
    Collecting outcome measures for better welfare. By Marius Nicolini, Oistein Thorsen, Pau
    Badia Grimalt, Murilo Quintiliano and Ralf Onken
  • A focus on aquaculture technology reflects Hawaii’s long tradition in aquaculture

Production Technology

  • Observations on grading associated operculum deformity in Asian seabass
    R. Dinesh says faulty grading had a negative influence on the fish
  • The start of home-grown shrimp in the US

Company News and Events

  • Show Review
    RASTech in USA; VIV Asia 2023 in Thailand