Nov/Dec 2005

  • From the Editor : The year 2005 in review. Of tsunami to the global shrimp Focus on culture and markets
  • Water quality management
  • Feed Technology
  • Fish Nutrition
  • News

Issue (November/December 2005)
From the Editor : The year 2005 in review. Of tsunami to the global shrimp
Focus on culture and markets

  • Organic shrimp culture -issues and trends
    Anaí«lle Camillo and Philippe Serene say that organic certification can greatly contribute to a responsible development of shrimp culture with environmental and social sustainability
  • Organic shrimp farming in Indonesia - safeguarding our heritage.
    The rejuvenation of old ponds for three cycles per year production in East Java. By Iffa Suraiya
  • Fast forward after the tsunami.
    After the tsunami destroyed its cages, Sarasin Seafoods in Phuket is now ready to ready to market its blue spotted groupers for the Lunar New Year of 2006. Reports Zuridah Merican
  • Challenging markets for clean and fresh tilapia.
    Yong Kim Thai and Sunny Yap of Malaysian company, PKPS Farm Mart tell Zuridah Merican the plans to remain competitive.

Water quality management

  • The potential use of inoculated nitrification bacteria to control ammonia and nitrite in shrimp ponds
    David J. Drahos provides results from trials at a commercial shrimp farm and concludes that this can be new tool for the farmer facing problems associated with stress and disease.
  • Improving pond water quality with clinoptilolites
    Joachim W. Hertrampf and Shravan K. Mishra show how clinoptilolites can be used to treat ponds and provide a healthier environment for shrimp.

Feed Technology

  • Efficacy of poultry hydrolysed proteins and peptides in shrimp feed
    Growth performance and feed efficiency of the white shrimp improved with the addition of these products. By Wutiporn Phromkunthong and Kidchakan Supamattaya
  • Managing feed moisture in aquafeeds
    Steven Goh explains the theory and practicalities in managing moisture in aquafeeds.

Fish Nutrition

  • The second part of the feeding and nutrition of the tilapia: Part 2 Feed Management. By David Creswell


  • An early GSP reduction for shrimp from Thailand
    Thailand finally gets its 4.2% tariff for shrimp imports into the European Union
  • Tripilar chosen to lead Dipasena
    USD 240 million committment to help finance the revitalization of PT Dipasena Citra Darmaja.
  • Comments from Industry on...
    The introduction of white shrimp in India. By Dr. M. Sakthivel.
  • Speed line postlarvae
    SyAqua Siam introduces this new line


  • NACA-Alltech Workshop on Shrimp Health Management
    Held in October in Bangkok, this workshop provided participants with useful strategies for shrimp health management to current trends in the shrimp production industry.
  • Aquaculture products on display at the Livestock 2005 show in Kuala Lumpur